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  1. you guys wouldn't happen to have any shots of the Quasar 214's would you?
  2. Yep Black Mike is right For the previous 1.5 years several of our competitors have been sewering the rates steady several examples are 1. extremely low Hourly suck in the customer and BAMMo $2.50 per liter for fuel and by the way the longranger burns 190 liters per hour got all my customers back when they realized the fuel rate and the burn were a bit OFF.... 2. Or tell the customer don't worry it only takes a .4 and then Bammo sorry head wind both ways actually took a .8 sign here please. 3. had Lots of customers say sorry we have a company here who will do it substanially cheaper and they are also supplying a jetranger free of charge for no mins in August. here we are fall 0f 2009 and two declared bankrutpcy and the other 2 have downsized considerably some by 50% I have had lots of customers switch to the cheaper option for a while and then come back and say Yeah its a bit cheaper but i have to look after everything and then +++++++++ So hey like the great plains of Africa the herd is in full gallop the lions are giving chase and slow, weak, and sick are falling behind and looking ever more tasty Have a good Fall everybody DSL
  3. pilot 5 if you merged two operators would you not end up with 2 of each ?
  4. Wasn't Blackcomb advertising for a Chief Pilot and Director of Maitenance recently?. 2 out of 3 positions of TC required management being replaced seems like a bit of turnover or did they move to other positions in the company? DSL
  5. Check the Rigging We once leased a 206 form another operator after the 1st flight the Pic says it will only fly straight if the stick is in the slightly left position. engineers checked the rigging sure enough it was out a 1/4 inch :shock: we then checked with the previous operator and the response was "oh thats been like that for a while" Scary but true
  6. I have visions of the scene with Dan Ackroyd and John Candy arguing over the bag of refueling gear just like they did beside the garbage truck in that movie Any one who has seen the movie Canadian Bacon can imagine what i'am talkin about. LOL, LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6p_6wvByFg Let's Hope this is what really happened at least we could still have faith that another operator is not the culprit. DSL
  7. Maybe someone thought it had been forgotten and the best way to return it is to bring it to town clean it up and put it in the lost and found errr..pawnshop window in the hope that the owner would find it. I leave fuel gear behind all the time and **** it i can never remember where I left it...... if it weren't for these helpfull folks I would never be able to buy it back in an alley late at night... In reality if it's not yours leave it alone what ever your intentions are if somebody left it behind there's obviously a reason. Back to minding peoples buisness sometimes my own DSL
  8. Flying A fuel truck?............ At least you always know where to fill up ......... I hope at least it's VFR V ery F ull R ight?
  9. Yep didn't work Just search CBC news 50 Fire fighters dismissed
  10. Unsure how to post a link but hey here we go CBC news
  11. Anyone read the CBC webpage lately? Some interesting news breaking regarding firefighting contractors its unfortunate because I'am sure it was only a couple of bad apples if it's true i'd say forestry was right to do what they did
  12. Oh and 2 Heliqwest K-max's which I think are stateside DSL
  13. AH....... heavy lift helo's I remember those used to fly over while I was walking to school both ways up hill Last Was heard that All "VIH" Heavies are on International contracts (Not including Cougar) The Sunwest S-61 is up for sale and is operable but not operating 4 Bell 214B-1's, Black Tusk, Transwest, East West The HTS machines I believe spend their time on the east coast crossing the border when needed Croman has s-61 one doing some logging on and off CAC has 2 in province Helifor has 3 A/C 2 107 and I believe The 234 is in alaska Currently Operating 4 BH214B's 2 BV107 2 S-64 1 K-max =9 Heavies That works out that each BC fire district gets one maybe 2 heaven forbid more than 1 province needs one :shock: DSL
  14. Well Plumber This just goes to show that common sense just ain't so common anymore and that there are allot of really smart dumb people out there who have lost something really important called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY It's finally time to add a grade 13 to the education system to teach people the basics cirriculum could start with Pots that can be hot but don't say "hot" on them 101 Knives are sharp this is why they are used as cutting devices 104 exposure to cold and no food can kill you 103 Do not eat the large white mints in the urinal 105 Madamme Cleos Search and rescue 106 It wont happen to me Backcountry preparation 107 it is unfair to blame the people who risk life and limb to find and rescue the people who have gone prepared and still have had genuine problems I agree with plumber,this thread caught me at the wrong moment and is mildly infuriating DSL
  15. It's true the new requirements are based on COMPETENCY also heard of some indication that a few major oilfeild players are also considering this. This will be based on the type of operation IE: Longlining or Passenger transport or patrols, the risk involved determines the competency required. Good News for the lower time guys, But I heard there will still be some yet to be announced Minimum # of hours IE: 250, or 500 but still better than 2000 WHOAHHH!!! DSL
  16. 1 Vertol? thats it? what had they originally planned? things must be bad, time to hunker down and get small !! -DSL :o
  17. Not Allowing helmets sounds like the stupidest thing I have ever heard. all of our drivers are required to wear them from the lights right to the heavys. no exceptions coming to work new? not enough money? bit short between payrolls? the owner will even buy you a helmet and take small deductions of your check to ensure you have the NECESSARY safety equipment to maximize any chance you surviving. As for the Helijet/Airline thinking maybe they need to install a bulltproof door on the cockpit just like the airlines if they want to use that excuse then you would not need to worry about customers seeing this scary safety device perched on top of your shoulders. DSL
  18. Don't worry Jim I hear they have asprin the size of hockey pucks EH!
  19. Sidewallpunture #1 Transwest could not afford to buy the Black tooth #2 Discovery Air’s goal is to consolidate the fragmented Canadian niche aviation industry to realize synergies and economies of scale, thereby creating a profitable and diversified company able to deliver safe, professional air service to clients in selected niche markets. it sounds so good it can't possibly fail even in 93 weeks #3 You forgot about East West, its not very much of a "niche" if don't own all of it #4 where do sign up for sidewallprediction monthly my investments might just be ready for a come back hehehehe DSL
  20. heard at HAI that a U.S. operator bought a 214B just recently any news ? anyone else hear?
  21. The 214B will continue on just as any other heavy lifter that is near impossible to replace due to nothing else that even comes close just like the S-64. It's just not going to be as easy as it has in the past but with a little planning and some inginuity i'am sure it will carry on for quite a while yet. The rin issue will make it tougher to log with but even when logging is going full tilt that's still only 4 machines the other +/- 23 machines still seem to busy doing other stuff. I don't think there is any other type out there that could compete with the 214 in it's class. yeah it burns over 600L per hour but it will pack 2 times what a 212 will do. Besides nothing sounds better than a 33'' chord spinning at 300 rpm roaring by at 140 knots Eh? DSL
  22. Before I weigh in on this thread a little bit of background might be in order The current company that pays my bills has in the history of the company (16 years) trained From 100 hrs, 11 pilots, all that remain out of all of them is one. The catch is they only employ 6 pilots / 4 helicopters. We have had some quit within weeks of finishing a Full Mountain course, PPC and a type endorsement, as well another quit after he hit 1001 hours @ the beginning of august with 2 days notice he walked across the street to the operator that refuses to hire anyone under 1000 hours and promptly started calling the customers telling them to come fly with the cheaper operator (probably saved costs on insurance) At the beginning the operator/owner asked that in trade they stay on for at least 3yrs He also paid them well (way more than I got starting out), provided accommodation, cell phone for what most 100-hour wonders get I think the operator treated them really well. IF this is a sample of how other operators get treated by training 100-hour pilots I can see the allure of hiring a fully trained qualified pilot regardless of country of origin that is just happy to be working and paid well. The guys I work with are extremely professional and this makes us all swear and curse (couple guys has been here 10 years+) But we have had allot of bad apples cycle through the door. These bad apples are ruining it for the operators willing to train other hopeful pilots=need other source of pilots=foreign pilots. I am of the opinion that as long as there is even one qualified unemployed pilot in Canada work permits should be locked down(-the bad apples they can starve for all I care). The owner has told me this year he probably won’t give this opportunity again (headaches, cost) and at this point I can agree. Every time this happens they’re slamming the door on the guy behind them. Maybe if this stops the operators would be more willing? Maybe I’m dreaming. I guess thats da bizzness Let’er rip Eh! DSL
  23. The general public is doing that enough already and what do we all the other 11 months of the year? Rough and dirty eyeball indicates in 2006 BC had 30 Heavies whopping around including: 61’s, 64’s, Ka-32’s, 214B’s, K-Max’s, Vertol’s, Chinook’s, For 2009 I think that with all the changes BC will have around 12-16? maybe my numbers are a bit off anyone else have a better estimate? DSL
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