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  1. Things being as bad as they are in the forestry sector I'am sure the layoffs are not a personal thing, too many helicopters not enough work. All operators are feeling the pinch work wise. Probably not an issue of "Greed" on the operators part, All operators have struggled to attract crews for the last few seasons so whoever sharpened the axe probably did so with a heavy heart How long would the average person sit at an empty desk in an empty room listening to the clock tick with nothing to do before they say I quit? At least the operator is trying to let the crews move on to greener pastures during "Moving Season" Not make them hang around all spring washing the same helicopter and then saying "See ya" in the middle of july when all the good jobs are taken for the season and the Iron flies in a V formation south for the rest of the season. Lets hope they all find that silver Lining TQN is talking about Just My 2 Cents DSL
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