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  1. true enough... nothing wrong with saying there are other great companies out there like yellowhead. i just think it is funny why not take an opportunity to mention your own as well. and when you are in his position as management. and someone that is available and looking.
  2. nice of you to think so much of Rick at Yellowhead. why would you not say nice things of your own DOM and suggest your own company for employment. are you not short guys as well.
  3. I just started as a contractor. i agree it should all be in writing to cover yourself. but the little explaination i got was that it doesnt matter where the company hires from, full time or contract. If you are signing with there AMO. that is who is liable. They should of done there checks and you do there entry exams and paperwork for the MCM/MPM.
  4. i too am very saddened by all this. not sure how i feel about who is the first to report this on this forum. but if CBC is making it public and named the company i would say it would be ok. if it is not in the public media yet, and you know something, keep it to yourself until it is released. i would assume that if it went public in the media and or the police. then families have been notified. and i sure dont want to upset people as the investigations go on. but just wondering why if the weather was an issue. what the rush to get this a/c to a lumberjack festival was. ke
  5. this is my thought as well. that is why i started this. this is the way i was instructed and explained. but when i get around the discussion table, the different methods come out. but i don't know why in the supplement for the AS350. the instruction is to turn the pumps on. maybe i will send a note to technical at eurocopter. thanks guys. see, the same discussion is here
  6. Seems to be a difference of options on if you put to boost pumps on to do your fuel drain first thing. I was under the understanding that they should be OFF. As you are recirculating the fuel if you have them ON and mixing the fuel and water (if any) and will not get a good read on it. But, in the Supplement for the A/F fuel filter. It states, Boost pumps ON. In the pre-flight in the FM. it dos'nt state to do any fuel drain. Know on other machines, fuel is not recirculated, just pressured up. thoughts
  7. Right from Eurocopter via tech rep. The transmission is torque limited. If the torque reading was off the transmission, the number would be the same in hover and in fwd flight. But the reading as we know, is off the engine. The tailrotor in hover and below 40kts takes torque from the engine. In forward flight, this load is off loaded by the shape of the vertical fin. The torque goes somewhere and that is forward to the transmission. As the fine fellow above stated. you are limited to 8 minutes total time above 94%. Then the transmission gears are replaced. This was f
  8. put a call into Eurocopter. the guy i sent the note too is not too sure. was going to get back to me. have had a number of good replys, but none have been locked in as, absolutly the reason. Had someone just say it was because of the twisting on the dogbone in forward flight. wondering if this was the reason of the mod to the new style bi-directional. Not sure i am convinced of something in flight rather than an aerodynamic issue. why would a torque issue be different in a hover rather than fwd flight. still hunting
  9. i like the t/r to transmission issue being the case. but sure get a number of answers. I know we all fly within the numbers, just thought to wonder why. I have sent an email to my trusty Eurocopter guy. hope to get an answer soon as i hear anything back. Maybe company Chief Pilot or Check Pilot would know. This has been good. I thought it was just me that did not know.
  10. trying to come up with the answer. without going to Eurocopter. so that more can learn. Maybe it is just me that dosn't know. AS350B2 torque limit with airspeed above 40kts is 94% torque limit with airspeed below 40kts is 100% is it aerodynamics, frame that is the concern. where could i find that info. flight manual states the restriction but not the reason behind it.
  11. last couple years the requirements to be hired pilot or engineer: pulse, licence. no references required.
  12. yep. works good. gets the most out of the battery. of course how the battery is used will dictate the amount of years you get out of it.. I fluked on the manual a year or so ago. i posted the site at the beginnning. it gives you the recommended voltage. I just doing a little give back as i pick up a few things here as well. its all good
  13. ok, accepted.. long day. and thanks for the info
  14. thanks helofixer for helping the guy above. seemed pretty effing sarcastic. i might not be totally computer master. but i do know how to look things up as needed. i did put the website and where to go to find info. this is all about sharing info if one wishes to share. for me i look at this forum for some info as well as other sights. takes the guess work out of a lot of stuff.
  15. i don't know how to do the link. but if you go to www.concordebatteries.com and work yourself to the owners manual and on page 16 of the manual gives you the setting for concorde batteries. operation temperatures are in F. they are slightly different than ni cad. above 90 set to 27.5, between 50 -90 set to 28.5. below 50 set to 29.5. i would think that the AME that you talked to was definitly on the right line to set the generator. lots of good stuff in the manual.
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