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  1. Cole is right. I won't be needing an apartment in Calgary anytime soon. I recieved a letter in the mail from GSHL saying they will not be running the school this year. Basically the letter said that they can't comfortably offer employment to any graduates in the spring of 2009, and they did not want anyone to make such a substantial investment in training with them if they would not be able to consider them for emplyment. It came as a pretty big shock, and i was pretty sad as i was really looking forward to this course. BUT, it was good of GSHL to do what they did. I would rather this ha
  2. Well i have been apartment hunting like crazy, and i haven't had the best of luck. I seem to find that the one bedroom apartments and basement suite's are at about $1000 including everything, and that the two bedroom's are in the $1200 range on the west side of Calgary, and in Cochrane. So i'm thinking, if there is anyone else out there looking for a place to stay? Maybe it would be smart to get something and split the costs. I will be training at GSH myself, starting October 1st. Jordan
  3. I have looked around, i found a few but i think the best deal would be for 2 guys to get in on a small house or basement suite to cut down on the costs. Right now it looks like i can get a one bedroom apartment place for about $1000/month, but if i can get a two bedroom and two people split the costs of lets say, $1200/month, it would save a bit of money. I'm looking in Cochrane and the west side of Calgary. It's not easy over the interenet. When do you start training?
  4. Anyone from here training at GSH flight school in October? Did you find any places to stay yet?
  5. I think they also give you a flight or two with another instructor.
  6. Wow thats for all the info guys. Yah Cole i hear the instuctor knows within 10-15 hours if you are cut out for flying or not, and if your not then they recomend that your quit the course. Hopefully that dosen't happen to me!! But thanks for all the info guys, this site sure is helpful. Jord
  7. Thanks for the info Cole, sounds like you know the stuff. Just a question about the written test. My buddy is a commercial fixed-wing pilot, his test was multiple choice and the passing park was 70% he said, this would be over 10 years ago. Is the test still multiple choice, or is it all essay questions? Doing all the homework i can on this. Thanks man Jordan
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Another thing, the written test. You have more then 1 chance to pass? What is the passing mark? I'm not planning on failing it, but i would hate to spend all this money and not get my license becasue i can't pass the test. Also, is there an oral examination? I like that you can do your flight test over if you have to, but how long is the flight test, because the cost of the heli to do the test is not included in the course and i just want to find out how many hours i will have to rent a heli to take the test. Thanks guys. Jordan
  9. i got another question....it's pretty random when you go for your flight test how long is it? 2 hours? And if you fail a certain part do you have to do it all over again or do you just do the certain section you failed over again? Thanks, Jordan
  10. I never said that if you train with piston time that you won't get a job with GSH for example, i'm just saying you have a higher chance when it comes time to try and get a job there. For example, around the end of November GSH looks to be hiring more new pilots, but to apply for the job they send you up in a 206B and see how you can fly it (This is on thier website right now). Most likely the guy that did all 100 hours on the 206 will be better at flying that heli then someone who just has a 5 hour endorsement on it. And great slave does higher out of their training school, all of their stu
  11. Thanks for all the infomation guys!! I really like this site already. I see lots of you give advise about getting the CPL on piston time. I'm still not 100% sure what i'm doing yet, but i'm leaning towards turbine time on a 206B at the moment with Great Slave helicopters. What i have found mostly while searching through heli training schools is that most training schools (In Canada anyways) say they will help you find a job after the course is finished. But even then it will be hard for a year or two by the sounds of it to find a first job with only 100 hours under the belt. But wh
  12. I'm very interested in this school and i plan on visiting them in a month or so to see what it's like. Everyone i talk to i hear great thing about this school, so hopefully i will be apart of it next fall. Jord
  13. I'm thinking of getting my commercial license. I'm 19 and out of high school with some money saved up, not alot but something to start with. I have done a lot of research, but i still can't really figure out what school to go through. I'm not sure if i should get turbine time or go with piston time. I know i could get my license as cheap as 50 grand with the R22, or as expensive as 90 grand with the 206B. If i went with the turbine i would have to get about a 50,000 loan, which i am not looking forward too. Just a couple of quesions.... I'm willing to go anywhere for school, what do
  14. I'm also thinking of maybe going there and taking the 100 hour commercial license. I'm still wondering about how i will ever pay for it though lol. But that is why i came to this site, to get some info about pursuing my career has a heli pilot.
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