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  1. Thanks Skidz, I have looked it up and would like to get a copy. Unfortunately its about $60 here in Australia, but I'll keep looking. Sounds like some great bed-time reading this summer! PS. What's with the little box below your posts telling about my computer details?? The internet is surely a weird-*** place with stuff like that.
  2. wow! that's a great load of stories there, and a few chuckles at some great lines... I must write a few down in a little black book for the day when I can use them (when I'm a pilot). Thanks again all. More questions from me soon, I am sure, as soon as I get these uni exams out of the way and I can daydream/research some more. Cheers, Tom
  3. What are some honest opinions regarding the risks of the job (I realise this will very hugely depending on aircraft/operations) and how do you, or pilots you may know, deal (or not deal) with that risk in regards to a partner and/or children in their life. Bit heavy, I know, but important to me as I weigh things up as I research the industry to see if it's for me.
  4. What do you folk reckon will be the mid- to long-term impact, if any, on the heli industry with the current dependence on fossil fuels, given the increasing cost and eventual drying up of this resource? Is there any technology in the making to supersede the current combustion engines? I figure this is an interesting idea to ponder, especially for someone like me who is looking at a possible career in heli that could well span into many years distant, when things may be forced to change.
  5. Iceman, I have been digging deep myself lately, and am in the early days of a good year of heavily researching the industry. I'm 27 and have been asking similar questions to the above. I have a wife, but no kids yet, so there is still some flexibility there for us. I know she would be very supportive, but having read a lot of comments about how hard the heli business can be on relationships, I certainly have my reservations. One thing I do know is that I just won't know until I give it a try. My heart is into the idea, for sure, or I wouldn't be bothering with the research. It's an expens
  6. Does anyone have any experience with, or rumors about, the Australian heli school PHS? For those who have never heard of it, the website is here Their webpage makes it sound like the ducks nuts (the best) but first hand is the best hand. Cheers, Tom
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