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  1. Some good….some bad, too tired from working to expand
  2. Skidz had it rite…..walk in there and that seems to help a lot !
  3. Make a call…..last time I chatted with them they seemed to disclose everything except bank acct's and pin #'s
  4. Come to Alberta, get you drivers Lic. asap and forget that N bullshit. If you walk in the door with your tools, proper clothing, keen, clean and positively mean (in a nice way) also willing to live in a crew house for a few years you'll be alright. Sitting on the couch and sending out resume's not going to work for you as well as knocking on the door ready to go. Start now in Feb and March. There are 7 to 9 company's in Ft Mac (Depending on the day) with more moving bases here all the time. Terrace is becoming the centre of the universe in BC. many Heli Co's there. Good luck !
  5. Been there done that as a skier, pilot and all I can say is that its not always the other skiers or yourself you have to worry about….low time pilots and or others with no mountain experience ! This was in Pemby a few years back with an Interior Helicopters Company (I won't mention the name, haha nudge nudge wink wink) and as we ascended into fog a third way up Currie he turned into the slope and my pucker gauge went off to red line and I told him to stop, reduce power (He was pulling 96%) turn out but stay out of the soup, load up and return to base. I just didn't like the young dreadlocks d
  6. It looked like it pitched over forward near the end and nosed in hard. RIP Pilots, condolences to the families, friends and colleagues.
  7. Don't want to rock the love in you guys are having over HTSC but I was PPC'd then immediately overheard a convo with MC and LP concerning the new pilots. That led me to ask for a return ticket one way out of there never to return. Those who stayed either moved on due to boardroom sitting or went broke waiting to fly. Nuff said.
  8. Thank you....we need some positive and professional video's truly representing us in this industry these days !
  9. Thanks.....this is great stuff for my cold couch pilots !
  10. Any question as to the wx conditions.......thats typical in that area......almost always. I was around the corner (as an AME) at Alice Arm that day and the wx sucked but the client kept pushing (They were used to other companies flying in that soup). My Pilot flew and returned white faced ugly. As a CPL I personally can't/won't fly in that area anymore. Its hard to watch your buddy pick up and depart becuase you never know if He's going to return. PDM and assertiveness boys. You know your in a bad area when there is a heli-crash grave site with many names listed there. RIP Pilots
  11. Hey Wiggins, your profile pic made me spit and spill my coffee onto the maintenance computer. I don't know why I'm still laughing about it but it made my friggin day....hope thats really you !
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