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  1. I am wondering if anyone has replaced a screen on their aera 500’s. If so, where did you buy the replacement screen? I can’t seem to get mine to operate properly no matter how many times I recalibrate.
  2. We just got some ipad minis with foreflight. We operate astars and i have been just using mine as a knee board. Where do you have yours mounted if you do?
  3. Anybody out there have a PDF version of the AW119 Koala manual? Thanks
  4. Just wondering if anyone out there has a PDF version of this configuration. B2 equipped with VEMD and twist grip throttle. Thanks.
  5. If your going to be doing lots of slinging with the astar the AE may not be the best, doable but the bulky visor set up can rub the door more than you want. I have the CEP kit and hush liner in a Galet 050. Definitely worth the extra $250. My only suggestion with the CEP is to get the custom moulded earplugs ASAP after you get it in. My crushable tips are not nice on the ear canals. Costco can do a set for you for $100 give or take. If you go to a safety place that goes up to $300. Costco will drill out the hole so you can plug your mini speaker (which works in parallel with helmet) right into
  6. Let's just hope all that fuel in the trees starts burning. All that jet fuel being consumed might bring the price back up.
  7. I invested in a new gallet last summer with the cep kit. Incredible how much "extra" noise it cancels out. With the tiny speakers directly in your ear the volume never gets past a quarter. Plus the in line volume control is nice if your cross shift is deaf and cranks the volume on you.
  8. http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/31/6597534/man-accused-of-posing-as-helicopter.html Interesting....
  9. Unreal..... Some people can be such retarded A-holes.
  10. Here is your bow and arrow, your horse and teepee. Please give back your gas and diesel trucks that belong to the people of canada and go live off "your lands".
  11. I am looking for the right formula to count cycles on an Arriel 1B engine. Thanks in advance.
  12. Stay away!! http://business.financialpost.com/2014/07/23/ontarios-jet-fuel-tax-hike-would-send-another-400000-air-travellers-across-the-border/?__federated=1
  13. Anybody out there have one of these gems in their PDF library??
  14. Thanks for the info but I am wondering if there are any cojo jobs out there or something to start flying twins? Kiefk although that sounds appealing but moving is not an option for me.
  15. Just wondering what is out there for someone just shy of 2000hrs for getting a foot into the twin engine world?
  16. Crazy Stuff. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2415354/Three-scientists-rescued-iced-chopper-left-stranded-volcano.html
  17. Just wondering if anyone out there has a digital copy of the D model astar manual? Thanks
  18. I wish I was on the west coast. Lol. I've been working in the bush and muskegs of Alberta. If the snow wasn't removed by December, she is not very firm underneath. Let's just all hope for a great season when it does call for blades turning!!
  19. I think the fact that there is zero frost under all this snow means it is going to dry up fairly quickly. That dry ground will be thirsty.
  20. Any word on how many machines are going to be needed for March 1?
  21. Rupert's land runner hands down. But I agree that the All Terrain Runner is good if your shaky on a line and worried about knocking over cones. Still a POS though. Lol. The ATR is a beast when your comparing weights. It may limit you on an extra bag(s) depending on your airframe. Besides those maybe if your starting out you can get a guy running on the ground and hooking to your carousel to start.
  22. I've run a hose from the heater by yor feet into the bubble. Works alright if you have enough flex hose.
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