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  1. No problem Whiskey Creek, It ony took me 2 beers and half an hour to Attach a attachment, HaHa, Now that its friday and a 6 pac has already disappeared, I'm feeling I have mastered this techno box.
  2. Here the US Forestery Rates for 2012. flt_chrt_awarded_2011-2013.pdf
  3. Its good to hear, both pilots walked away from them, I think Sunrise is going to get a visit from "Big Brother", I don't know if the 3 strikes and your out rule comes into effect.
  4. I've somehow managed to acquire 5 Machines, a R44, Bell 206B3, and 3 EC120s, Looking at dry leasing them and would like to get an estimate on how much per hour they should go for, estimating 30-50 hours per month. Anybody, I'll sell also Helilog
  5. Winfeild (Lake Country)

  6. You buying the beer?

  7. Yup, all finished with Shell and Fort Mac,sold all the equipment, Just moved in 2 months ago, where are you at?

  8. You living in my neck of the woods boy. Have you moved to Vernon?

  9. Heard the company was for sale, He saved enough money up by not paying pilots to retire I guess.
  10. The Edmonton Sun is reporting that it was a Delta Helicopter that crashed, man airlifted by Stars air ambulance to U of A with non-life threathing injuries.
  11. Way to go Alberta, To the financial rescue again.
  12. Does any body know their cost and time-life?
  13. Only one blade had ice, the other was higher up at the tail boom, so the water ran out. The end cap was full when I took it off and a 2 in square chunk was in side where the weigh screws are. Helilog
  14. By blade boots I ment to imply the "red tie downs for the blades" not the rubber boots on the grip end of the blades, Thanks, I hope I just have to send them out for balancing, and not to buy another set of blades. I know Robinson has a new style out with a stainless steel covering to make them tougher, but still $43,000. Helilog
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