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  1. useful info on here? that a myth that myth busters did on episode 38 and busted it. :shock:
  2. don't blame anyone else but yourself...nobody forced you to click the topic :punk:
  3. oh...great, more info has come forth....all I can say is you didn't fire him tough guy, he beat you to the punch and quit...... :punk: He won.... you fail.
  4. Blackmac, an open door policy is just that...open....and that means 24/7 someone has an open opportunity to speak his mind....even at a company party. Not maintaining that "open" policy means you really don't have an open door policy at all. Only a convenience policy that suits you. you said your piece to him, to talk monday morning (i assume the guy stopped b*tching at that time) and when he came into your office respectfully monday morning you fired his *ss on the spot? How disresectful was that? I agree with bagswinger there must be more to it. If there is not, I think you must tr
  5. well, where i work....which shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.... our apprentices start at base salary of 1 million dollars a week..... engineers base salary per week is $2 million dollars a week. there are 8 levels for both professions and you are re-evaluated every 68 days and should you meet the qualifications, you are immediately bumped up a level, retroactive. levels creep up a meager $50000. I know the $$$ figures are low compared to plumbers and electricians, but we've been working hand in hand with HEAAUAOBL (HELICOPTER ENGINEERS AND APPRENTICES UNITED ASSOCIATIO
  6. http://www.break.com/index/helicopter-fish...sport-ever.html
  7. there are some in excess of 20,000, i don't remember the reg's, I'm currently working on one just shy of 20,000..... they're getting up there some of these old birds. And with some companies banging out over a 1000 a year.....it won't take long for many more to reach that milestone to tell you the truth, we should call up the tour ops from the states....those guys go thru the hours fast.....
  8. Ok Elvis....just to humour you, we'll give you some hypothetical answers and we expect a digitized floor plan to be available by next friday.... :punk: 1) approximate room for 15.5 helicopters. to add a margin of safety, we should increase that room to accommodate all helicopters during the slow season when everything is home in the barn. so make it 25 (room for the crew truck oil changes too) 2) helicopters, well, real man helicopters are big, so we're not talking a handful of sardined R22's here, we should really man up and make sure we have sufficient room for the big daddy of all,
  9. I've always had a dream, but due to financial constraints and the lack of desire to have a bunch of wankers working for me I haven't been able to do this, but would be proud if someone else stole my idea and made a good run of it. I'm sure it would be the best feature of any hanger out there. and if you thought your resume pile was big, wait until they know you have this.............. scroll down.
  10. or the EC120 equivalent........ you decide which you'd rather do the job with :punk:
  11. LongRanger....get the job done with this?
  12. my sister...your mom.....they're one in the same.....you know you love her :shock:
  13. Longrangers are like .....(see pic, but i warn you, it's graphic, use extreme caution) but someone, somewhere finds them attractive :punk:
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