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  1. I don't think that is really the case. I went up for an intro flight and loved it. You're right that it is two very different worlds, but they are both worlds in which I would want a career in. As for the floats, do you have any suggestions on where I can find more info about a career in only flying float planes? I have looked into it briefly and the prospect does not look very encouraging compared to the job opportunities and salaries of the other aspects of the industry.
  2. Exaclty, that is my little predicament. If I am able to do night, I'm leaning towards fixed wing. If not, then helicopters for sure. Any other thoughts?
  3. I am going for an intro in 2 days and I am very excited. I should be studying too. But 4th year geo isn't nearly as exciting as the prospect of flying...
  4. Hey guys, Due to a medical issue, I may only be allowed to fly during daylight hours. Long story short, if I get a daylight only restriction on my Cat 1, there is no point in getting a CPL and I will go into the helicopter industry. What I would like to know is do any of you have experience in both industries? What can you tell me about salaries/hours/job opportunities as they compare across the industries? I have done some hmwk on the helicopter industry and I think I have the jist of what's going on. I would just like to have some input on it. As for the 'passion' side of thi
  5. Just wondering if anyone has gone through the commercial training at Great Lakes Helicopter in Waterloo. I am considering this school as I would not have to move. Any info would be appreciated!
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