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  1. Interesting discussion. I have recently been working with a community about a hospital helipad. I can't yet go into details but I will shed some light on the topic. The TC regulations have been in place for about 10 years but only recently have been enforced. TC had also advised the Health Authorities (the owners of the heliports) that it is their responsibility for enforce and report any violators of the H1 requirements. Essentially they have told them to report on anyone who lands at the heliports without prior permission and is not Air Ambulance. There are many problems with this new arrangement. The first is TC is not recognizing the realistic scenario of an "unstabilized patient". Air Ambulance typically transports stabilized patients, with paramedics onboard. An unstabilized patient is in need of immediate medical attention and quite often the "Golden hour" is a factor. The type of work where these heavy trauma accidents happen are quite often taking place in remote locations around the country. The support aircraft in these work operations are almost always single engine. It is this critical step in getting patients stabilized that TC is cutting communities off from. The second is the TC is not recognizing the sacristy of H1 capable aircraft. We ran the numbers on the TC website of all the H1 capable aircraft registered in the province of BC. We came to 1.6%. This is not because operators are "being cheap" or "change is wrong" it is simply because these H1 aircraft are not suitable for the type of work required in some of these industries e.g. logging, shake block, seismic. We have found the local TC understanding of the situation and willing to work with us to find a solution. However they are bound to a regulation that is very restricting. TC Ottawa implemented these rules with a complete disregard to the impact it will have on communities across the country. There was no consultation what so ever with these communities as to how they can keep these hospital heliports open to the citizens working remotely outside of town. Almost all of these communities were not told that their hospitals are now closed to the local helicopter operators. No solutions to this problem has been presented by TC. I will write again when I have more...
  2. Hi Bluethunder, Too bad I only read this post now. I just finished my 6th trip up into Alaska. I usually cross in bc but sometimes the Yukon weather depending. I've taken firearms across the whole bit. I've ferried helicopters to Nome and Dutch Harbor. I love Alaska. The rest of the world could take lessons on how the Alaskans deal with general aviation. If your ever planning on doing it again please give me an email or call. I'd love to share the tricks. I wish I knew them all the first time I went. Don't worry about the radio screw up. We've all done it,but I'll never admit it. Cheers, Sean Smyth
  3. The time has come for a new windshield on our B2. I've talked to Tech-Tools and Eurocopter about their products. Eurocopter gave me a cheeper quote by about $250 per side. Anybody know any other dealers for western Canada? Can anyone recommend Tech or EC?
  4. Hey Swinnger, No RainX. Just soap, water and some 210. The roughness is even between the screws on the windshield...
  5. We have a new Astar with just over 200 hours on it. It has done 2 tours on the road so far and has spent the rest of its short life in the hanger. It came back from its last tour with a very dirty windshield. After numerous cleaning with soap and water we still can't get it clear again. No scratches, just rough and hard to look through. Almost looks like it has been sandblasted. The machine was doing a lot of landing in the sand on windy days, but nothing unusual from our other machines. This is the first time I have seen this. Any comments or suggestions? Anybody else seen this?
  6. Thank god. When I saw the title of this forum I thought it was a video someone took of me years ago that has finally surfaced. Not me. Looks like everyone had fun though.
  7. I haven't seen the show yet, but I've worked with the guys on it. It should be entertaining. You want a good laugh I found this review on it. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1...air.html?cat=39 I never thought anyone would find those guys sexy.
  8. I gotta log on to these things more. HV, I've been thinking about this since our first descussion. I was eager to bring it up to a certain manager to see what he thought. I know from witnesses that he has removed the door post while @ 100%. He flatly denied he'd ever done it. This brought up an interesting point to me. Until Bell puts something in writing, if you remove the door post while running and something goes south. Well then your on your own, no manager will back you up. As for the removing the door post from the AC while pilot is hot fueling, if that happened to me I would end up in head office explaining why I punched a logging manager in the head. Dr.
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