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  1. Smaller twins in every major city. OK. Ontario has 52 cities. Let’s say half are major? Now you go from 8 in service with 2 more backup aircraft to what? 26 small twins and another 8 backup small twins. Minimum 160 pilots and medics up to 520. 10 Cadillacs to 34 taxis. 160 staff to 520. No wonder you like Doug Ford. He spent over 200 million to get rid of the 7 million dollar man.
  2. Blackmac, next time you’re flying over in your hypothetical as yet un-invented automated super single ALLCAPS pilot jet, look down and tell me if you can see a Cuckoos nest.
  3. You’re confusing opinion with facts, which you’re short on. In my opinion.
  4. You couldn’t be more out of touch with reality if you tried. There must be hundreds of photos of Ornge AW139s landing in snow, on rocks, islands, docks, long grass, short grass, green grass and gravel all over social media. Ask your Grandkids to show you. Every land EMS service in Ontario except for 2, uses the same stretcher that will soon be installed in the Ornge fleet. Com-pat-a-ble. It’s powered so that it can lift a 500lb patient on its own and help prevent back injuries. Have you tied lifting many 500lb people into an aircraft on an icy surface? It’s difficult and dangerous for 6
  5. I've used an Alpha since 2001 and I love it. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. In December I bought a 250 from Merrit Apparel and I can't believe how much more comfortable it is. The CofG is significantly better, it's lighter, more comfortable and with the inner dark visor, there's less light seeking in. I have no experience withe the 350 but the 250 rocks
  6. Can you point me to your constructive comments on this topic?
  7. Loosen your panties. From the CBC; The water drops were aimed at cooling the Unit 3 reactor, as well as replenishing water in that unit's cooling pool, where used fuel rods are stored, Toyama said. The plant's owner, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said earlier that the pool was nearly empty, which would cause the rods to overheat and emit even more radiation.
  8. The photo threads are a nightmare to scroll through and look at. These guys do it right; ADV Rider
  9. Can you change the Photo forum to display the full size photos without having to click on each individual one every time?
  10. That's like the tree falling in the woods. It'll make a sound, but if you can't hear it, then it won't do any damage to your ears. Unless you care to back up your theory with some documentation or references.....
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