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  1. Girl I know has run JetA in her new Dodge Diesel truck since new, has 60,000Ks on it now, runs great. Adds a cap full of diesel additive from Canadian tire in each fill. She loves it.
  2. That's exactly what's happening. The companies that treated their crew like crap over the last few years are now paying the price. There is no increase in work. Nice *** kissing effort though.
  3. Stories? The Nationwide Helicopters story should take the wind out of your sails.
  4. I can't believe this thing is replacing the Jetranger.
  5. Someone I know has bought two tractor trailers from DRMO that were full of helicopter tooling. He tells me that the markings indicate that they were for 204B/C (UH1B/C) repair and maintenance. There are no actual helicopter parts. I did tell him that any aircraft parts are taboo and should be destroyed if found. The question is, what about the jigs and tooling. Are they also not allowed?
  6. ....weellll, you could bring back the icefeeld topic.
  7. Hey you young wizards, can anyone post a link to download a program to do W&B for 206B, 206L3 and ASTAR? KISS principle preferred. Thanks.
  8. KyleP: Your not a pilot. Period. You should not be suggesting that there is an allowable element of risk that should be pushed by aircrew just because it's a medivac. When's the last time a customer jumped in and said "sorry, totally my fault for pushing, punish and fine me"? I've done medivacs, and I completely distance myself from the patient. All decisions are made exclusive of someone elses urgency.
  9. And, if Clint Armstrong is still there, you'll be in the company of one of the best AStar guys in the country.
  10. I'm leaving soon, but regarding mentoring and passing on experience to the new guys, it's been my experience that it goes two ways: those that are eagre to learn, and those new guys who know everything thank you very much. With those ones, I can only hope its and open bar at their funeral. I feel morally obligated to keep someone from hurting themselves when it could have been avoided, and to do so without screaming in their faces like some pricks that I know.
  11. $300 day plus $25 hr in this shakey economy?? I'M IN!! Loan me your Snap On's!!
  12. This is turning into an intersting topic. It would appear that the newer mechanics are not up to speed as to what is required, and where they are expected to work. The job has not changed in 30 years, so that's not the problem. I don't understand how they can go to school for years and not be exposed to the job environment. To act totally stunned when they show up and are expected to actually go in the bush is beyond me. What did they expect? I saw this scenario happen with the company I worked for last year. Young new mechanic showed up at a very very nice northern base, didn't really
  13. Yes, unfortunately there are some stupid young engineers just like there are some stupid young pilots. Oops, did I say that out loud?
  14. Why not hire some apprentices, put them through the program, allow them a living wage, don't treat them as indentured slaves, and perhaps they will stay with you. Everybody wants, nobody gives. I wouldn't want my kids anywhere near this business after what I've seen at some companies. And, I just love those we want someboy elses employees ads. Train your own. This, by the way, is not directed at you, Heliian, it's just a broad band statment.
  15. Engine failures are debated as theoretical events and dismissed with statistics-except to those of us who have had an engine failure. It then becomes the primariy consideration in whatever you do for the rest of your life.
  16. No, not just an endorsment-he got his full 100 hr course paid for by the Tax Payers. And no, if someone wants me to fly their helicopter, then do the type endorsment. If thats a problem, then there's a bigger problem not showing itself. Your responsibilty is to show loyalty and fly enough to compensate for the endorsment. One of my severe pet peeves is companies advertising for pilots OTHER PEOPLE trained. And I think you might be a little new to be wondering "what has the industry come to".
  17. Just a friendly suggestion -you are stepping into a mine field here. Apparently you have fallen into a lucky situation for yourself-free training and endorsments for which you owe your employer some significant loyalty. 99% of the people here haven't. You will make yourself quite unpopular by unnecessarily adverstising that. It's human nature, (after all, no one REALLY feels great for a lottery winner)and it could come back to haunt you. Case in point-years ago when Canadore was giving away free Licences (on a 206) to Ontario students, one of them showed up in Calgary looking for work. T
  18. Is that you Paul?

  19. Liberals would probably claim the van was full of migrant immigrants just on their way to Canada to find work in our booming snow removal industry.
  20. AH1


    Seen my share of banged up machines due to training. BUT, there does seem to be an inordinate amount of Robinson crashes. To me, they're like a slinky,of little mechanical worth, but fun to watch someone else play with it. (And yes, that's GGB back in 1980)
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