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  1. Be aware that a C20 will leak far more when operating 254 as opposed to the Jet II!
  2. Three injured in helicopter crash On August 24, at approximately 1:45 p.m. Columbia Valley RCMP received a report of a helicopter crash in the northern section of Assiniboine Provincial Park (just west of Sunshine Village) involving an AStar 350 B-2 helicopter belonging to Mustang helicopters. The helicopter was working within the fire control zone of the Verdant Creek Fire in Kootenay Park. Although the crash involved four occupants there appeared to be no injuries. A fire crew leader who was on the ground at the time witnessed the crash. Three of the four occupants of the heli
  3. Looks like smoke and mirrors to me! I can't see how those little tail blades would have any affect at all on such a large tail section.
  4. Our shop rate is $90/hr! I disagree that I would make more working for an operator as they'd have more overhead.
  5. You may be correct Helidude. I am only going by what I was told by Eurocopter Canada and what we were instructed when I worked previously at two other Eurocopter subsidiaries. This is entirely political in my opinion, as there are no such stupulations on the SD2. Eurocopter and Heli-Lynx aren't exactly on the best of terms.
  6. Pilot5, you should find most of the answers here. http://www.helilynx.com In terms of price, it's anyones guess with the current market but very close to B2 prices. Cheers
  7. The tail rotor gearbox is the only component affected by the FX2 conversion. It adopts the AS355N/B3 limitations. Eurocopter will not exchange FX components with non FX components but they will overhaul them just the same. Agreed on the tail gearbox. But when Eurocopter overhauls FX2 components, they are stamped with a different part number which makes them no longer compatible with B2/SD2's. This is done to waive any liability as they consider the FX2 a variant which deviates from the type design. This is the reason you now have to sign a waiver stating that the components you send fo
  8. The increase in TBO will show up in the Maintenance Program so it will be applicable to both TM and LTS powered machines. Just to note, when overhauling components on your FX2, those components are no longer applicable to other aircraft. From what I understand, they can only be fitted to another FX2. It's a long story, but very important if you are considering an FX2 over an SD2.
  9. Just a note, the Astar component overhaul times are about to receive an increase. The inspections intervals are also being extended. This should help bring down the hourly cost. Agreed that the TM engine can be very expensive, but what isn't these days.
  10. Prices are low these days. We were offered a new B3 for under 2 million. Not sure if Bell can afford to supply a 407 for that kind of a bargain. L-4? Seriously though!
  11. The Lycoming powered FX2/SD2 will outperform a B2 at altitude and will have a lower DOC. As both are STC'D B2's they are not available with the dual hydraulics. Only the B3 has this option as of yet. The B3 and the 407 are more comparable in terms of performance and technology, but I'd wager the B3 would outperform; but I am a little biased.
  12. I couldn't agree more with your point. The best window should be installed in all cases. We could post here every STC available and ask which one is best, but all we will get is opinions. This is all I am offering, based of course, on the homework I have done. My point of cost and lead time is simply a bonus. Cheers
  13. Hey you two, hijack some other thread. In the end, it all comes down to is what it costs to install the window as well as how long the aircraft will be down for. My recommendation stands with going for the ECL install as the job won't effect the delivery time of your aircraft. Seeing how slow things are there also could work to your advantage when negotiating for the aircraft.
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