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  1. I had Lasik advanced surgery last year and it was three months before I could fly again, I believe your eyes have to stay the same prescription for one month. Some of the best money I ever spent!!!!
  2. I will try the soft Velcro, and thanks everybody else for the input, I will order a new lens and try again.
  3. I have a Alpha Eagle helmet and the lens constantly rubs on the outer visor and scratches. Does anybody have any fixes for this? Is there any kit to polish up the lens?
  4. I have trouble putting up pictures, is there some directions for using a mac somewhere?
  5. Another thing is if you have a map out you can draw on cabins, runways, fuel caches and such. On bad weather days it is nice to know all these things.
  6. I have had different GPS quit multiple times, always have a map with a basic lie drawn, mark the line every once in a while so WHEN!, not if the GPS quits, you know where you are within 10 miles on the map. Customers like to see that you are backing yourself up, looks bad when GPS quits and you have to land to see if you have a map then take 10 min to try and find where you are.
  7. Does any body have a program, to keep track of duty times on a Mac Book that is not windows based?
  8. My deepest condolences to all the families, friends and crew members involved.
  9. Strauss drops, look it up, they work.
  10. I really like them, a noticeable difference in authority.
  11. To bad his name wasn't MMute. Way to wreck another topic.
  12. I have been wondering about this for some time, great topic. Could somebody in the know please clarify: if you are an employee in Canada and you are getting a food per diem you can or cannot claim the receipts for your meals?
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