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  1. Bob Feerst from http://www.helicoptersafety.com/ ?? Good course, I learned a lot as well !
  2. Here's an old post from a very experienced Ski Pilot, very good Info. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put this together as a basic information package on heliskiing. It's not everything that you need to know, but it's a start. In the past some have ripped it apart, I suppose that's to be expected on the internet. Take from it what you can. If anybody has something to add to it, please do. "4961" There are several things to consider before a days work heli-skiing. The following are just a few: 1) Weather: 1) Your p
  3. Please explain? Where does it say that ALPINE "held the Government at Bay" on this ruling? As far as I can read, they submitted a proposal and it was deemed acceptable. Where is the evil conspiracy in that? Where does it say that they have a "Free Throw", but "Mom and Pop's Heli Inc" will not get a fair shake? I think you need to step away form the computer, build an "Aluminum Foil" Beanie and hide, as THEY may be coming for you next ! nope, i don't work there, and I'm not afraid of THEM
  4. Dohhhh, So obvious ....... NOW :-) Stand by for more unconfirmed Vertical Rumors soon
  5. I did the AME licence first (76), then became a pilot (79). I did both jobs for a while, but only in short term camp situations. You're not a full time AME by any means, but you can get a simple aircraft through a few inspections. Keep in mind that I did this through the late 70's and early 80's, so the legal issues were not huge. I can not see how a single person can legally do an inspection on any aircraft these days? Basically it gave me a very good understanding of the aircraft systems, and probably did save me from freezing my arse off a few nights, 100 miles from buttbreath BC. Was
  6. Grasshopper is not employed by YELLOWHEAD. He was at one time, but that was many years ago.
  7. No problems Rico, just light fog, over 1/2 mile and a cakewalk. Very experienced and SAFE pilots there, Top notch probram, excellent guides.
  8. Well, It seems as if SAR never actually found this missing Aircraft did they?, It was actually found on a General charter by a Commercial Operator. Thanks for helping out though, LangleyR44. Humor goes a long way to ease a tense situation, I saw no disrespect in your Ferris statement, just a hint of humor, as we all waited for news in this terrible situation. Keep up the good work, and don't worry about Sudden Stop. He just feels neglected because Mrs Johnson never thanked him for saving that Cat.
  9. That's what I use... Simply, if the 206B GW is 3200, then each percent of Torque is about 32 Lbs of lift. Also, I've found that a 206B "should" be in a low IGE hover at around 92% Q at 3200 GW. Those 100% take-offs MAY weigh in a tad over 3200 ??? depending on altitude and temps of course. A 212 is around 100 lbs of lift per percent Q. A 407 is around 50 lbs per % MIke H, pick a tree or landmark as far ahead as you can see at 60 Kts in bad Wx, if it's really 1/2 mile vis, it will take 30 seconds to reach that point. I'd guess that many of us would be hard pressed to coun
  10. No landings allowed without a permit, check this site out ... http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-97-150/page-1.html AIRCRAFT ACCESS 2. (1) Subject to subsection (2) and section 5, no person shall take off or land an aircraft in a park except in a park set out in column I of an item of the schedule, at a take-off and landing location set out in column II of that item. (2) No person shall cause an aircraft to take off or land in a park set out in column 1 of any of items 1 to 9 and 11 of the schedule unless that person is the holder of a permit. Water
  11. Yes very warm and fuzzy story, until the engine goes "cough, cough". Then "We've got some 'splaining to do, Lucy" ! Wonder if TC has any warm or fuzzy thoughts about this? Hope that a dog loving Inspector gets to investigate the File ! Not exactly inside the true reasons for Class D, but Hey, still a great story. I took a hiker and his dog off a cliff a while ago. Flew the Rottie alone in a CARDA harness, the SAR guys at the bottom said that it was all "teeth and claws" as 100+ pounds of mean and terrified Dog was lowered to them.
  12. Gee? I have a hard time congratulating this crew, Well done???, Great job???? Good decision making???? Nope, just plain arsed stupidity with a very lucky ending.
  13. I have a few old (old) CHW ones, do you have a fax number?
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