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  1. Cole, been reading alot of your blog's. you seem to really have done your homework. thank's for the info @ well chat again soon. good luck to you!!
  2. im looking into school's in arizona cost is 70 to 80k u.s $ for cfii. not cheap unless your last name is gates or trump!! sorry did not see that was recurrent training my bad, happy @ safe flying 2 u all.
  3. hey guy's i'm 45 and starting school soon,no not elementary(thought i'd beat you to the punchline) did i read the blog right that a u.s license is really not valid in canada. well that suck's, was looking forward to throwing back a few molson's @ watching a little hockey with you hoser's (go wing's!) but seriously, if my u.s license is not valid in canada could someone in the know drop a blog. much thank's ur neighbor down south.
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