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  1. I remember one nightmare of a drill move. The outfit was a shady drilling operation and didn't have a fly drill. Instead, we had to use his truck mounted drill, and careful longlining was needed. It was a pain in the *** as it wasn't built for that purpose, and the potential for personal injury was pretty high. Some guys had close calls while attaching/detaching the drill from the truck. It would've been a lot worse if the pilot wasn't a seasoned pro.
  2. I think a few people here have lived in that old whorehouse/trucker stop trailer in La ronge?
  3. Thanks z1millhouse! Anyone else have a list for chasing 206's and L's in the field? thx
  4. It is kind of off-topic, but do most eng's lock their bush boxes while they are away from the staging (sleeping/eating, whatever) I've never locked mine and thought a little padlock wouldn't do much anyway. Do you just hide them under tarps and buckets etc.etc.?
  5. The story of how Floyd got his first 206 is not a good one. (A typical Glass deal where someone loses) The joke was that his funeral attendance was so great because everyone came to make sure he was gone. He gave a lot of people their start, but then again, some of his business practices were not honest, and downright dirty.
  6. Just remember to keep the buttstock on for now, and keep the pistol grip off.
  7. If you get one going, shoot me a pm if you have an extra seat for sale.
  8. Is the course filled already? Does BCIT offer anything for 205?
  9. Is it a makeshift spline wrench adapter (206)?
  10. I will be looking forward to that pic of the sg support tool. I never would have thought of making something like that. Great idea...or thank that old yellowhead guy for me.
  11. Isn't that just a ratcheting cargo strap, with enough length to wrap around the engine and hold the sg?
  12. I started a thread a few days ago, and you might have noticed that I have no rotary endorsements, just experience. I thought if I could afford a course, it would make my resume more appealing.
  13. Is there anything closer to my home of Ontario? BC is a long distance.
  14. What is the typical cost and # of days for an AS350 course?
  15. I will be doing winter teardowns and o/h's etc. etc. on 206's. It will be a great way to re-acquaint myself with the machines before we head out for the summer. I just hope it's a dry summer.
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