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  1. Some pretty talented skateboarding (first 6 min) wrapped up by some questionable descion making.(last 3 min) Fire away....
  2. I have a " High profile single cell." 18.25 X 16.5 X 4.25 inches. It works great, although kind of wierd when doing something like heliski as the pressure differential makes you move up and down quite a bit. Super comfy. Pricey though $589 unless you have extended medical and a perscription
  3. Hodgson's Guiding Service or Rainbow West was the original name. He has an LR for client transfers and some charter
  4. I had a similar problem with a Gallet, I had too much padding behind the earcups which caused the shell too flex out, in turn allowing the inner lens to rub down the center. I did use the micro mesh system and after 4 hrs of elbow grease to remove the scratch-proof coating and the scratches out. No distortion after polish. The way I see it a new lens is $200 so $50/hr for my own benefit was win/win. You have nothing to lose trying it if you have access to a micro mesh set, I mean you're going to buy a new lens anyway...
  5. I say talk to H56 he may know a thing or two as well :punk:
  6. 3 won't help when the Al-qaeda take out all the satellites....
  7. I'm can see the point that H56 is making. As an instructor that used to do recurrency with both private and commercial I have seen a few people that forgot those building blocks that one learns in flight school. For example, the #1 rule in navigation. If you don't know the area know where you are on the map. I recall doing a ferry flight with a private Robbie Ranger in his own A/C and failed his GPS for practice 2 things happened; 1. he was lost right away, and 2. he bought another GPS in case the 1st one crapped out. Too many pilots are not comfortable without having the pink line to follow to their destination! The App for reference at this point is great! If you can get manufacturer's approval, even better! Good on you for making things simpler. Don't get me wrong, I fully embrace technology I just think one must not replace a required knowledge and skillset with some thing that can fail..... Don't use it as an excuse to abandon your knowledge base
  8. I recall in or about 2004 there was an AD about replacing/changing parts in the oil supply lines on the 2F engine. I believe there were 3 or 4 documented cases of power failure and the engine violently coming apart. One particular in India I think. I will still follow the flight manual procedures though....
  9. One time I took a student on an auto training flight in an R44, skids up to skids down 1:23 min. Hobbs time 1.1 How much should I have billed?
  10. With the touchscreens I find they don't work very well at all in the cold or with gloves
  11. If your spacing between the earcup and the shell is too thick it can cause the shell to flex out and have the visor rub on the outside of the CF inner shell. Just grab the edges like you were putting in on but facing toward you and you'll see the lens come close to that inner shell. Had the same issue because I like a tight seal around the ears, took one velcro spacer out on each side and bought a new visor and no more problems...
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