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  1. And probably more 500 time than anyone else, ever 20,000+hrs... Congrats Mike
  2. Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report - not an incident, an occurrence of something non standard. As above the missed approached was carried out without explanation... Not every one is investigated, I have read a CADORS report that involved a company A/C and the pilot never even knew it had happened (Busted airspace near YYJ) nor did the company receive a call. I understand that if it was an occurrence that compromised flight safety, then it triggers a follow up.
  3. Westcoast Helicopters had a paint shop in Nanaimo, but I heard they moved it up to Port McNeill
  4. Some pretty talented skateboarding (first 6 min) wrapped up by some questionable descion making.(last 3 min) Fire away....
  5. I have a " High profile single cell." 18.25 X 16.5 X 4.25 inches. It works great, although kind of wierd when doing something like heliski as the pressure differential makes you move up and down quite a bit. Super comfy. Pricey though $589 unless you have extended medical and a perscription
  6. Hodgson's Guiding Service or Rainbow West was the original name. He has an LR for client transfers and some charter
  7. I had a similar problem with a Gallet, I had too much padding behind the earcups which caused the shell too flex out, in turn allowing the inner lens to rub down the center. I did use the micro mesh system and after 4 hrs of elbow grease to remove the scratch-proof coating and the scratches out. No distortion after polish. The way I see it a new lens is $200 so $50/hr for my own benefit was win/win. You have nothing to lose trying it if you have access to a micro mesh set, I mean you're going to buy a new lens anyway...
  8. I say talk to H56 he may know a thing or two as well :punk:
  9. 3 won't help when the Al-qaeda take out all the satellites....
  10. I'm can see the point that H56 is making. As an instructor that used to do recurrency with both private and commercial I have seen a few people that forgot those building blocks that one learns in flight school. For example, the #1 rule in navigation. If you don't know the area know where you are on the map. I recall doing a ferry flight with a private Robbie Ranger in his own A/C and failed his GPS for practice 2 things happened; 1. he was lost right away, and 2. he bought another GPS in case the 1st one crapped out. Too many pilots are not comfortable without having the pink line to follow t
  11. I recall in or about 2004 there was an AD about replacing/changing parts in the oil supply lines on the 2F engine. I believe there were 3 or 4 documented cases of power failure and the engine violently coming apart. One particular in India I think. I will still follow the flight manual procedures though....
  12. One time I took a student on an auto training flight in an R44, skids up to skids down 1:23 min. Hobbs time 1.1 How much should I have billed?
  13. With the touchscreens I find they don't work very well at all in the cold or with gloves
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