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  1. Yep, he is still there, although a little scaled back with the flying. Pretty humbling experience flying with Jan on the mountain course a couple of years ago to say the least!
  2. Yep, that's his. Barzilay lives just outside of Edmonton. PM if you need a phone number.
  3. The dewline site in Hall Beach had a 6.5 turbo diesel Chev a few years ago and all they used in it was jet b. Sounded like it was knocking it's brains out. I remember asking one of the guys what was wrong with it and he said it was because of the jet fuel. I remember it having super low miles on it too. Could be BS but that's what I was told.
  4. It seems verticalmag has a new resident expert on all things aviation, in particular s76's and the air abulance enviroment. Suddenstop, go back to whatever backwoods ground ambulance service you're from and bug somebody else on some other forum. If you want to have an opinion on this issue, go spend your 50 grand, get a ground job for a couple of years and when you have a few hours, by all means, tell us what you think went wrong here. News flash, pilots are the same as everybody else......human beings who #### up sometimes. We've all done it and thank god in this case nobody was injured and i
  5. Have to agree with the 45-70. Marlin makes a nice one, the 1895GS guide. Ways only 7 lbs and 37" long, lots of stopping power and all stainless. Bit expensive but she's purdy.
  6. I was the last machine left on man-up with ASRD until lastnight. Back to reality I guess......
  7. We got ripped off R22! I don't remember the parachuting from a helicopter as part of the training back in Buttonhole. I have to say though, this is ridiculous that a foreign operator can walk in and just setup shop wherever. Hopefully something gets done about this.
  8. I know this is off topic but speaking of PETA, just the other day I seen I guy wearing a shirt that said " I'm a member of PETA......People Eating Tasty Animals" Thought it was pretty good. Anyways back to the thread.
  9. Thanks for the PM's. Cheers
  10. Heliwrench.com no longer has them because of the threat of legal action from the manufacturers according to the website. Thanks for the help though.
  11. Anybody have an as350ba manual in pdf format. Getting a type rating next week and wouldn't mind giving it a look over before I go there. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. The little one definitly changes things. My boy just turned 9 months and it's been pretty hard to leave home for 4 or 5 weeks at a time. I love flying.....wouldn't want to do anything else but this year has been really tough. I guess being a slow year hasn't helped but from the time I leave I'm thinking about getting home. I never thought I'd be like this but the kid at home put things in perspective for sure. Good luck in your chosen path and congrats on the little one. Cheers.
  13. Congrats PB, that's great. Good luck on the job hunt. Cheers.
  14. As we all argue about insurance premiums and types of coverage on other threads............my two friends, one married a month ago are still missing after 72 hours overdue in a Longranger on the way to the arctic in northern Quebec. Hope to hear some news soon. Godspeed by's.
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