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  1. Maybe i read it wrong, but it looked to me like if you had 412 experience and wanted to convert to 212? seems backwards???
  2. Cant seem to remember where I saw this picture before, but it lists all the belly drain tubes on the 212. Anybody with a better memory than me???? regards, CD
  3. My condolences 4961......................naaaaa, just kidding. I spent a year or two up in that part of the world. Great spot when the weather co-operates, when it does not.......well, thats why they make rain gear!. Yes, if you have any prior gov, or military service or quasi government, ie: municipal or township work........these may have an agreement with the superannuation plan and well worth the time and money to buy back the time.....Im sure the admin girl there will point you in the right direction.
  4. Have dealt with him on over a dozen occasions. Great guy and a professional. That about says it all........
  5. What ever you do, dont tell the people in Arizona that, they will freak!
  6. I second the "herc strap" method. Easy, cheap, reliable. Most A/C should have the tie down rings( or provisions for them) on the cross tubes. Just make sure you have a fool proof method to make sure that ALL THE STRAPS ARE REMOVED BEFORE FLIGHT!
  7. Well I guess if you used that pod thing, you could carry a few. Don't think i would want to ride in it though. But back to the original question, i think all the twins mentioned will "fly" on one engine, albit once you have reached a certain airspeed or at a reduced gross weight. As has been mentioned, some machines do it quite well and others well lets say they leave something to be desired............
  8. Ya, you got that right. The only ice i like to see now is in the bottom of my scotch glass!
  9. Couple of shots of my days at Quasar 84,85,86
  10. Great shot HG, and you are dating yourself with that pic!
  11. I will have a look through some of my old photo albums. I think they were down to just one 214 during my time there ( and it spent most of its time being rebuilt between "incidents" )
  12. Naaa, after 25 years most have been paroled by now.
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