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  1. Make sure that if you have any item on a temporary mount above the dash on the bell mediums , what could happen if it fell off and landed on any of the switches on the centre console. Wouldn't want to have to explain why the engine over sped when the Gov switch was bumped to manual, or a fuel switch was bumped to the off position. I know they are supposed to be lifted to move the switch, but ya just never know!!
  2. Never push a bad approach! Go around!
  3. Doesn't need to be overcomplicated as in typical Transport fashion! Could be simplified by stating................... from takeoff until final landing for the purpose of shutdown.
  4. Flying out to pickup the slashers and they were having trouble with the clock system to call me in. Then I heard "Fly away from the sun boy, fly away from the sun." Worked for me, did what I was told and found them!
  5. I have had a few Astars that had the "lumbar" portion of the back seat cushion in the wrong place. They were too high and caused back pain very quickly. Make sure that the back part of the cushion is put in first and the base cushion next. This ensures that the lumbar part is low enough to be where it should be. There are aftermarket cushions out there where the lumbar cushion is adjustable to ones height. You open up the side zippers one the side of the back cushion and move the small lumbar cushion up or down to your comfort. HeliCushion by Helicart.com is one that is made in Canada. Check it out!
  6. I don't think there has ever been a question as to what flying time has to be entered into the aircraft logbook. Its called "Airtime" and its only when the skids are free of the ground. The dilemma is; what does a pilot enter into his flight time as far as his Flight/Duty time entries and personal logbook? They may have flown 10 hours (Air Time...Skids free) but may have been at the controls for 14 hours with the aircraft running (doing numerous takeoffs landings and waiting for the customer). In which case the pilot will become fatigued much quicker than if he/she logged 10 hours for their flight/duty time. Flight time (for Flight/Duty entries) should be the time at the controls from the first takeoff until final landing for the purpose of shutting down. In my opinion, we should log air time (skids free) in our logbooks (aircraft and pilot) for all training requirements and licences. This would also match the aircraft logs if anyone had to verify times. This would also ensure that companies would not have you enter a .7 or .8 into an aircraft logbook and a 1.0 flight time as the training time. My personal opinion
  7. Check to see if there is an additional airframe fuel filter installed, as this may eliminate the requirement for anti icing additives as it has for other aircraft.
  8. https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-operationalstandards-acp-schedule-3381.htm Use the above link or Google ACP bulletins and then on the right hand side it will show course providers. You can check on their site to see when the courses are.
  9. Any one have an electronic Flight Manual copy for a 350 B3e that they might be able to pass on. Pm me if you do. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking to find a place where I can procure a steel bung (adapter) that screws into a 45 gal drum. The standpipe then goes down through it into the drum. Alberta companies preferred. Thanks in advance..
  11. Worked with Al and he was a friend, mentor and gentleman!….. It was once said, that the pilot hours average at Remote Helicopters was over 10000 hrs. ….. Due to the incredible amount of the hours that the "senior" pilots had, yet they were always willing to share their "lessons learned" through their stories. Thanks Al ! It will be quite the get together when he joins Doug and Sandy upstairs. My condolences to his family. Jim Archibald
  12. So if a helicopter has one hour of air time and the pilot has been at the controls for an hour and a half during numerous stops while his customer got out (and did meter readings for example) What does the pilot put down for his flight time for his Flight Duty times? As far as fatigue goes he is still in control of the aircraft.
  13. This confusion poses a risk in particular to forest fire operations in Alberta. Alberta will not pay for time on the ground (non airtime). So a pilot doing crew moves all day long can easily have 8 hrs of air time but 9 hours of flight time (time at the controls while loading and unloading). The norm would be to put 8 hours in the logbook as that is all that we get paid for. So a pilot after 18 days of logging 8 hours of airtime (adds up to 144 hrs) but actually has 162 hours of flight time if you count the time at the controls. He is well over the max CARS regulation of 150 hrs if he uses the increase in "Flight Duty Time". I'm sure this will come out in a court of law if there is an accident. This may come back to bite Transport Canada as they are well aware of the confusion and have done nothing to correct the problem. They may be the ones that are sued!
  14. Answer to question #1 would be C and question #2 would be A. In my interpretation.
  15. “flight time” “flight time” means the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight; (temps de vol) While the rotors are turning on startup, some would say that the "aircraft" as a whole has not moved yet for the "purpose of taking off" and therefore the flight time does not start until the "aircraft" takes off. The rotors have moved but the aircraft has not. The same on landing at the end of the flight. The "aircraft" comes to rest once it has landed. I believe that fixed wing only count flight time when the aircraft is taxiing not when the engines start. Just my "interpretation"
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