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  1. So if a helicopter has one hour of air time and the pilot has been at the controls for an hour and a half during numerous stops while his customer got out (and did meter readings for example) What does the pilot put down for his flight time for his Flight Duty times? As far as fatigue goes he is still in control of the aircraft.
  2. This confusion poses a risk in particular to forest fire operations in Alberta. Alberta will not pay for time on the ground (non airtime). So a pilot doing crew moves all day long can easily have 8 hrs of air time but 9 hours of flight time (time at the controls while loading and unloading). The norm would be to put 8 hours in the logbook as that is all that we get paid for. So a pilot after 18 days of logging 8 hours of airtime (adds up to 144 hrs) but actually has 162 hours of flight time if you count the time at the controls. He is well over the max CARS regulation of 150 hrs if he
  3. Answer to question #1 would be C and question #2 would be A. In my interpretation.
  4. “flight time” “flight time” means the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight; (temps de vol) While the rotors are turning on startup, some would say that the "aircraft" as a whole has not moved yet for the "purpose of taking off" and therefore the flight time does not start until the "aircraft" takes off. The rotors have moved but the aircraft has not. The same on landing at the end of the flight. The "aircraft" comes to rest once it has landed. I believe th
  5. I also flew Apex's Gazelle. The 206 underneath was FAH. One of three Bell Jetrangers Apex brought in from Hawaii. FAK,FAH and FAJ. Creighton Enterprises from Saskatoon also had a Gazelle. Dan was kind enough to lend it to me when I got married in Saskatoon. Still remember my new bride climbing out of it in a full wedding gown when I flew the bridesmaids in to the reception.
  6. An answer at last Thanks for perservering Freewheel Any chance of posting this again with the inspectors name
  7. Google "stick on lenses." Flexible vinyl lenses that stick on to any glasses or helmet visor with water. Can get them in any diopter for reading. Approx $14.00 and are sent by mail to you. I have them at the bottom, inside of my visor and can also look over them when long lining. Can also cut them to fit. Awesome. When Transport wants to see your "available glasses" you can dazzle them when you drop the visor.
  8. Have contacted Garmin to see if I can convince them to spool up the 296/396 line again. It still seems to be the GPS of choice for many in the Helo world. Would appreciate it if others would join in here to express their interest in keeping that line alive. It might further my cause with Garmin. Thanks
  9. To further add for the above; This request is for the C30P conversion by ASI Air Services International
  10. Anyone possibly have an electronic copy of a Flight Manual for the L1 C30 Longranger that they might be able to pm to me or send to me . Thanks
  11. FYI. The requirement for instrumentation on the left side of the mediums has nothing to do with the vertical reference door operations. You will find that the requirement comes under the installation for dual controls. Check the bell service instruction for installation of dual controls. When the duals are indtalled flight instruments must be duplicated on the left side.
  12. Have need for a circular rotating sliderule and the Lama Blade Pitch Indicator Rotating Scale came to mind. Anyone having a used one or know where I can get one (don't have access to a LAMA IPC), please let me know as well as pricing. Thanks
  13. Ah, but with a lower rpm there is less lift. In order to create the same lift, one must increase the blade angle which also requires more torque to overcome the extra drag. A good example is with a left jam pedal, if you lower the rpm you start to sink without correcting the yaw. Its only when you lift collective that the yaw will start to disipate. Also due to the higher torque required to drive the blades due to the extra drag. Try it some time with a left jam pedal. Hmmmmmm
  14. Outwest is somewhat correct in his response to how torque is measured. The torque on a 250 is measured off the helical torquemeter gearshaft which supplys power to the power output gear and is driven by the power turbine shaft. It basically is measuring the difference in the power supplied to what is being used. It is definitely not measured off the Compressor and the N1 is the least constant rpm in the whole turbine. The following pertains to the Allison 250 Series The torque is measured when two helical gears in the accesory gearbox produce an axial thrust directly proportiona
  15. I am a sailor / pilot / skier and I want to travel by air with my life vest / parachute / avalanche rescue backpack. Are there any exceptions? Passengers may carry certain articles even though the article contains dangerous goods. Parachutes themselves are not restricted. Some parachutes are fitted with an automatic activation device (AAD), e.g Cypres, which contain small quantities of explosive material. Most of these are not classified as dangerous goods and are not restricted in passenger baggage. Avalanche rescue backpacks are authorized if they do not contain more than 200 mg net of
  16. Dougy Doughnuts???? He used to run Destiny Drilling as well. As I recall OLV was his one if not the first machine and I believe it was for Oliver Helicopters? Someone else might be able to shed some light on these earlier times as I started for Peace working in Romania.
  17. Not exactly on topic but the Bell Flight Manuals state that the pilot shall remain at the controls until the rotor blades have stopped.
  18. Wonder what the rate will be for Approved Check Pilots to due PPC's on pilots at other companies now that Transport is getting away from this. Any one willing to quote some rates if they have used outside check pilots in the past.
  19. Re: Fire handle functions -Shuts off fuel to that engine -Closes particle seperator door -Arms the fire bottle for that engine -Shuts off heater
  20. Went out to pick up a "newfie" slashing crew and they just couldn't get the clock angles, so they came back on the radio and said " fly away from the sun boy, fly away from the sun. Worked for me!
  21. Gotta add this one!! Working in the Gap on seismic with the Lama, came back to camp at the end of the day and the wrench asked if I had remembered the Power Check. Dohhhhh!! No problem he says, I'll take it up and do one. (Also a licensed pilot) Comes back 20 minutes later and I ask him how the numbers are. He says Dohhhh,,,,,,, I forgot to do one.
  22. One of the Best Companies I ever worked for when it was the "Old Peace Helicopters" Talked with one of the wrenches last week in GP and there will be toasting to four people. Sandy, Raelene, James and John. Some of the later people through the doors may not know all of those names, but they will be remembered.
  23. Youv'e probably done this, but make sure the boost pump is on and functioning. Keep us posted.
  24. Okay Skullcap ya got me. I didn't want my ideas to influence any responses. I also have flown many aircraft with the switches in different locations. The TSB commented on an accident a few years ago that there is not a standard for switches on the mediums. This is not the case on the belly hook location. The flight manual states that the bell hook release on the Bell 206,204,205,&212 is as per the Flight Manual Supplement. On the 205 and 212 this is the lower front switch on the cyclic. So according to this, we are not allowed to change that switch location. So the only qu
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