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  1. Well, after reading my post happy hour post I think it does sound a little whiny LOL I think I was not as prepared as I thought to leave the wife and a brand new baby at home and head 1000's of miles away. It's amazing how those little ones change your perspective so quick. Anyhow, I know lots of you do it all the time so feel free to let me know you your wives deal with it! haha
  2. Yep...hockey season is here...unfortunately I get my hockey news from the internet as all we get here is Soccer and Cricket and I have to admit...I just don't get the attraction of either one!!
  3. Hello all Before I start let us respond to those who will ultimately say that if one has a job, that one should quit moaning about changing jobs and be thankful for what he has...to those who will respond in that manner :jerry: Anyhow, I am a non challenged VFR guy who spent 5 years managing a tourism base in Canada. You know the routine, get em up, get em earning and when its busy, get yourself up also. Not challenging flying but very challenging from a management standpoint. I than moved on to what many consider a dream job. I am Ops Manager/chief pilot of a small outfit in t
  4. When all else fails, make it personal...well done!
  5. Actually, the trend today is towards protectionism. One need not look far to see which emerging economies are upping efforts on import taxes, tariffs and employment rights for citizens. India, China, France, UK, USA, Caribbean, Mexico and many other leading and non leading economies are all falling into a protectionist frame of mind these days. There are very few countries where one can go work and live as easily as they do in Canada. Good or bad, I don't really know or care but it is fact.
  6. I wouldn't describe those who choose not to send money to an unproved and untested organization with a limited membership as *sitting on the sidelines*. Let us not forget that until the fairly recent muzzling of certain individuals HEPAC was starting to sound like a bunch of angry thugs intent upon insulting and alienating anyone who dared ask a question. I for one quite liked the idea of general representation and was almost signed on the dotted line until I watched the nonsense unfold on here in the various HEPAC threads. To be quite honest, I decided I didn't want to b
  7. I guess its the same with autos and emergency training, IFR training, mountain training, confined area training and so on. Yes, getting out there and doing it is the only way to become proficient but doing so without an experienced someone to start you on the right path IE: bad habits and big no no's, is an accident waiting to happen. The US army used to have the same attitude in its early rotary days...just get out there and do it..and it worked...for those who lived through it. There is NO substitute for training, training, and more training. (with an experienced and qualifie
  8. It seems to me that while sling didn't know when to keep quiet the rest of you who are perpetuating the topic are not much better. It must be real slow out there for all you guys to take time to slag a guy for days on end who probably isn't allowed to post here without being censored anyways. Time to move on perhaps....this is getting embarrassing Or...carry on with the "pile on" just to show how much better than him we all are
  9. Should be required reading for all married couples (wives)
  10. I don't work, nor have I ever worked for the man but I know his operation well enough to see that JEALOUSY plays a huge factor in all the negativity directed towards him. He is a character but at the end of the day, that operation is a model and over the next couple of years, there will be many wishing they had the same. Bravo Rudi and Boys WW
  11. Not too sure about this thing but it looks pretty sportin! Can't be any worse than flying around in 35 year old jet boxes LOL
  12. Can you feel the love in the room??? :cold: :prop:
  13. I think you will find yourself turning wrenches a lot more than flying but if you have the time and money...sounds like a great idea!
  14. For those that do not speak sling'ese please substitute "whore" with "were" How those resumes coming along sling?
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