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  1. Freewheel have you ever considered contacting ICAO HQ to tell them TCCA licences no longer conform to Annex 1 licencing standards. I assume the only reason they issued GALP 2005-02 was to conform with ICAO annex 1 personal licencing standards since TC has not listed any differences to Annex 1 flight times last I checked. You actually have letters of there official interpretation from individuals at TC of what they now consider flight time and air time which is different than GALP 2005-02 and annex 1. Its crazy because in that letter they wrote states there is confusion, but I guess can
  2. For anyone interested. I just wrote the FAA ATP conversion (FAAAH) exam which I assume is very similar to the FAACH. I found it hard to find info on what to study. As for study material the exam is basically all air law. 1 or 2 companies have online programs you can purchase to study for these exams. you must have a CAT 1 medical and application for the conversion mailed to TCCA to write the exam. I renewed my medical the day before and transport lost my application, but wasn't a problem was still able to write the exam. AIM RAC section will have most of the info you will need to study. off th
  3. Has anyone converted there FAA ATP to the Canadian ATPL. I am wondering what the process was like, and mostly what was the FAAAH conversion exam like? I was thinking about converting my FAA ATP but even though I have a Canadian CPL-H with IR and ATPL exams written. I have been told I still need to write the FAAAH conversion exam (Airlaw & Communications). you would think there would be an exemption if you already held a Canadian CPL-H and ATPL exams written. Still much easier and cheaper than doing the multi crew ATPL check ride in Canada.
  4. Found the answer I was looking for if anyone is interested. CAR 421.40(5)(b ) https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/regserv/cars/part4-standards-421-1086.htm#421_40
  5. Does anyone know how to get a foreign helicopter type rating put on a Canadian licence these days? Seems that Cars 421.04 has changed or I can't find the requirement for foreign credit. I had put my foreign BH412 on my Canadian licence about 2 years ago. The requirement was: foreign skill test copy, certified licence, and 10hrs PIC or 50hrs on type,and ATPL exams written. Was fairly straight forward. Much appreciated if anyone has the info.
  6. Who wants to work the winters in Canada anyway. Slow, cold, icing, covers, heaters. Go contract just get a good garuntee.
  7. HV, Been to quite a few airports in the north, didn't now the fueler well but guess it's more common up there when there's no other options. Most don't mind filling empty drums they just make u fill them if there still in the back of the heli.
  8. I've heard Sheppard air is a great program to use as well. I wrote the full ATP exam last year and was told by an instructor expect to get about 10% less on the real exam than the practice exams. Was true for both I and my buddy who wrote.
  9. For the price of a new 412epi you think they would go for an Aw139. Better power margin and payload. With basic offshore configuration and 2 pilots your looking at around 3100lbs payload. So I assume coast guard machines will be heavier and will have hoist plus some other extras then put 2 crew in the back and with full fuel you be lifting at probably close to gross weight. It's a decent machine but old technology.
  10. Not going to get much"hood time" working for VFR companies and the IFR company I work for ops manual says only can fly hood with no passengers. Although when flying for VFR companies I did log any low vis training with foggles for unusual attitudes as instrument. Did not amount to much.
  11. I would do as much as possible simulator/FTD with heli school of choice (cheap). Pick a heli school and ask what you should be practicing like routing for exam, holds etc. most commercial heli pilots already have the 5 hrs instrument helicopter requirement but the school you will fly with will make you probably do at least 5 more hours to get ready for a check ride. So use those instrument hours you already had to gain commercial lisence. Then hire a plane and instructor to fill in the reminder of hours needed. I think the whole thing cost me about $12,000 including simulator, fixed w
  12. I have gone to 3 flight schools in Vancouver throughout my career, and 2 of the ones you have listed more recently. I would personally choose BC helicopters: The reason I would choose BC helicopters is because they are extremely helpful smaller school so you will get more personalized treatment and scheduling may be more flexible. This will probably save you money in the long run. As for the "type" they are all helicopters, you may want to get a 206 endorsement which is a more common used helicopter but stay away from the water bucketing and longline training, money can be spent better on
  13. I forgot to mention that it was not that easy to find a school to rent us a Schweizer . And under FAA regs to fly a R-22 you need SFAR 73 tanning which is 10hrs to fly solo in an R-22. But if it can be incorporated into training it would be cheaper plus there are a lot more R-22 around than Schweizer's to rent.
  14. For all those interested I just finished up some hour building in Florida, I got a restricted FAA PPL to legally fly a N-Reg (Paper work only), Did a flight review to validate the restricted PPL through the school I rented the aircraft from. Planned 2 weeks to build 50 hours night, and 1 week to do the ATP check ride. Got the 50 hrs night done in 8 nights with decent weather and the ATP training and check ride took 3 days. I needed TSA security check to do FAA ATP since I have never had a stand alone FAA licence. Paperwork takes minimum 1 month for validation of foreign licence to get th
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