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  1. Two other points to consider: 1) Our airport has seen a large increase in traffic. Our wait times for take off can and have been up to 0.3 on the taxiway. 2) Our local practise areas are 10 to 15 mins of flight time from our airport. That's a total of 20 to 30 mins of travel time. Not to mention the focus it demands to account for all of this traffic! And yes we have seen a mid air in our area. If you took a busy day here, that could be an extra 0.8 simply in waiting and flying to the practise area. Never mind the days that the student gets out to the practise area and
  2. Contact the US Flight Service directly. I have run into discrepancies between Nav Can and the US, as the NOTAMS for the US work a little differently. There was a NOTAM issued back on Sept. 11 2001 that was never cancelled by the US. There are specific procedures to follow and restrictions.
  3. Basically it''s the same flight test that you did for you initial. The only difference is that on the initial the precision approach is mandatory and on the renewal it''s not mandatory. Good luck
  4. Met, flight opps and human factors are the easier ones to make interesting.... The ones that I am trying to come up with better solutions to are topics such as the CARs, engines and airframes, flight instruments and aerodynamics and theory of flight? There are a lot of very outdated videos etc. out there. Are there any good/new ones that you would recommend?
  5. I''d like to hear from other instructors or students that have creative ideas on how to make ground school livelier? Some classes are more interesting then others but some....ie the C.A.R.''s are enough to put you to sleep. Thoughts?
  6. If you take a look at the hours it takes to go solo at each individual airport you''ll see a direct correlation with the amount of traffic at that airport. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the amount of time it takes our students to get to the solo level, we have also seen a large increase of traffic and many procedural changes to our airspace. The good old days of the relaxed solo are gone at this airport. Even the experienced pilots (2000 hrs+) come down rattled after dealing with the congested airspace. The radio work alone keeps many "Licensed" pilots away from this airp
  7. Are you talking about the bush pilot that flys over gross and pushes wx to get in or the one that always does his weight and balance?
  8. Have either one of you gone through the training to become an instructor? It''s a lot of work! It also requires up to date and current information. Who better to already have that information then a student who has just passed their commercial licence. I have had many an aviation parent (Capt. 747 AC) come in with their kid looking for a flight school and sincerely express that they don''t know the first thing about training anymore. Sure the more time in the industry counts for a lot but so does currency. Dan does bring up a point I can agree with. Instructors should be enthusiastic
  9. One more thing...... Flight instructors are NOT in it for the MONEY!!!! Take a look at one of their pay slips sometime!
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