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  1. The whole premise of this thread seems like it was simply to stir the pot,strike some nerves and provide entertainment. Lots of great points and bickering between pilots and engineers (that never gets old) I believe most of you are either unemployed, or if you are employed,are at work wasting company time when really you should be contributing to a positive workplace. Next time start a thread called "sh*thead pilots and engineers stirring the pot" or how about "pilots vs engineers" oh wait what about "employed vs unemployable"??
  2. I don't think his carear is in jeopardy except maybe if he gets time. Oh you wrote career. He should be fine there also This industry has way of forgeting things when they need seats filled. Kinda like when people hire on in the fall and get paid all winter then get a job elsewhere. Isn't that right Jimmy
  3. “reportable aviation incident” means an incident resulting directly from the operation of an airplane having a maximum certificated take-off weight greater than 5 700 kg, or from the operation of a rotorcraft having a maximum certificated take- off weight greater than 2 250 kg, where (a) an engine fails or is shut down as a precautionary measure; ( a transmission gearbox malfunction occurs; © smoke or fire occurs; (d) difficulties in controlling the aircraft are encountered owing to any aircraft system malfunction, weather phenomena, wake turbulence, uncontrolled vibrations or operations o
  4. the best thing that could happen to the 22's and 44's. Sorry to hear about the 206 though. All joking aside, glad no one was hurt, all the best in rebuilding
  5. "what limit mate" or "oh mate back home we dont worry about those gauges" or ..... yeah i think i learned a few things too
  6. I always thought that when I felt it was neccessary to have a drink in a dry camp then maybe I should consider the fact that I may have an issue. when all our in company camps went dry last year I said good maybe drugs should be banned also. A no tolerance policy is in place and tthe problems that were a everyday occurance went away along with a couple people that thought it was there right. I wonder how unemployment is treating them about now. Things have run much smoother and more productive in my opinion. I enjoy a beer or more as much as most but am more than happy to have none. I for one
  7. Forgive me for my ignorance but, it is the same isnt it? The bottom line is its undercutting or a way to keep machines flying ! Yes/No I dont nessicarily agree with either, I however disagree with people complaining about others undercutting when there just as guilty :down: By the way wheres Snark? maybe consulting with Dashy I gotta get down to Walmart
  8. I do belive you work for a company that could easily be placed into the same catagory of these “Lowballers” :down: Chartering Longrangers at Jetranger prices, or LR's performing like an L-4 or Astars. Now if im not mistaken thats the pot calling the kettle black :down:
  9. Hahahah, once you get the tap turned off be sure to remove the handle and maybe strip the fitting too wait, :shock: but then they might come back with foriegn engineers ahahahahaha How are lowertime pilots going to gain experiance when there getting put aside because Pilot X from overseas spruced up his resume and needs some experiance to take home with him? I say limit the visas ! No offence Mate's
  10. I thought flight time was when aircraft moves under its own power. And air time is when it actually leaves the ground?? If you don't have wheels how are you getting all this flight time accumulated??? Its kinda like when people do this on fires and wonder why they are the first clowns sent home. I love it. keep it up please. I need the work. Do you think customers don't see this going on??
  11. I do have to admit getting some training from wendel at a different point of my career and still tell people I am training operationaly who taught me how to do it. His training is very good. Still going to give a hard time though.
  12. I think going to a place that reguires you to pay for your endorsement,ppc,work for near free. When you have just got out of flight school and have huge expenses to cover is not a good idea. I would be inclined to call a good example of bad desision makeing going there. That might explain why the pilot that was sitting across from me said not that ^%#&$%#% place and stomped out. I can't recall seeing him expressing himself with so much profanity before. I don't think I will bring up the subject again in his presence. Oh here he comes. I'm out of here
  13. As for as I know longlining is not an endorsement. Its a good idea to get a taste for it but don't spend too much. You have spent enough money on you r licsence already. Even if you have a 5 hour longline course you wont be going out any time soon moving drills. Any reasonable operator will ensure you are up to speed before they send you out as your performance reflects directly on them and their ability to get more work. Good Luck
  14. Good point on the no guage start method. I forgot to tell you that since I started useing the force and keeping my eyes closed for the start I haven't had a overtemp. Also the customer seems much happpier since I began using the force for over gross weight loads also. PS How can you tell the weather sucks looking forward to some replies..
  15. Correct me if I am wrong. You started a turbine engine with a non functioning n1 guage. If n1 guage does not work reliably 12-15% depending on oat do not introduce fuel. I hope you do not think this is normal. Better to fix guage than engine.yikes.. :down: :down: :down:
  16. Sounds to me like The Crane should give him a check ride, It appears the attitude and skills seem to be up to par
  17. Part II of the entertainment..... So is that a passenger wearing a helmet .. if so why arent the passengers in the back wearing helmets also...... maybe its the pilot....
  18. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the left seat in a medium used only when flying with an external load? What if you are flying passengers where would you sit?
  19. Hints, there is 2 of them flagged and who took the picture
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