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  1. cap, Im getting the exact same thing. Unfortunately, I got an email saying I've just received a pm from someone, and there's no way for me to find out whom it's from!
  2. Hey guys, Is anyone else having problems trying to access the "other" site (avcanada.ca/forums2)? When i try to open the page, it routes me to some weird general forums page. Did I miss a big change?? Chris.
  3. If the AS is 29.92, Pressure altitude= Indicated Altitude. If the temp is at standard, Pressure Altitude= Density Altitude. If the temp is at standard and the AS is 29.92, Pressure Altitude= Density Altitude= Indicated Altitude= True Altitude. Anytime the temp is not standard and the altimeter setting is not 29.92, they will all be different, and your altimeter will never read true altitude. If this confused you more, I apologize
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