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  1. Was wondering if anything every came from the Expats receiving" Work Permits in Canada" topic in the past? Who did the readers contact, write or voice their disagreement of expats obtaining pilot jobs in Canada and/or with Canadian operators? Seems like the trend is re-occurring!!
  2. Hi newfieboy, I too live downtown and see the vessels each day. it is a very sad and difficult time here in the city. I do pray that thier souls rest in peace, Matt and tim, and all the passengers. My thoughts and prayers to all the families who have lost their love ones.
  3. Not to get off the topic... Could you guys be specific about who your insurance provider is, monthly premiums, and coverage. With all repsect to insurance for pilots. My insurance guys seems to think I am crazy and never to going get insurance with Disability and Loss of License, and if I do, it will cost an arm and leg. No pun intended. any help would be awesome and appreciaited. Thanks to all who reply
  4. I totally agree with you. I was only staing if they are going to be ex-pats here, then we should take advantage of them. Hey Max you don't even live in Canada anymore, so easy on the comments.
  5. What goes around, comes around. Those operators have to do what it takes to survive, I agree. But the day will come when the low time pilot reaches this 1000 hrs. brought up earlier, and he or she will remember how they lost a job to someone Not Canadian. I have no threat from ex-pats taking my job, but I do believe we should try as an industry and a country to help our own. If we can not fill these positions with Canadians, then bring in ex-pats to help and mentor. They are only suspose to work for a specific time period here in Canada, so we give them a job to help train a low time
  6. hey super d i hear ya, lol I have the same problems as you described. I still use the db blockers non-vented, but if u have problems with your hearing in the cockpit, and are having disagreements about the radios, you could have a volume control on your helmet, and the in-line volume control form Merit apparel. I am planning to but the CEP's, and will be curious of the quality and comfort. You can also get custom ear plugs for that, but the Customer Service guy said the foam seem to offer more protection. I will try both to see. The money to protect my hearing is not im
  7. Hope this may help some people out there. CEP-USA Ben Mozo PH: 334-347-1688 He will be more than glad and very helpful in talking with you about the CEP system. You can get Custom ear pieces specific for the CEP ( Westine Labs- 719-540-9333 John Spatafora )or Foam pieces for your ears ( supplied by CEP). I have an Alpha Eagle, and they and Bladestrike recommended the same part #: CEP- 104- K04E Navy Mini Cep. Smaller and more expensive, but apparently better. $ 120.00 US. I have been looking at the CEP b/c I hear (lol) only great things from the guys wh
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