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  1. The outcome of the shutdown was fine, even though there was some good blade sailing and a little pounding on the droop stops. It just got me thinking. It was quite a tight spot, but im sure i could have put in a little left pedal to turn the nose a little off the wind. I assume for cyclic into the wind helps as the retreating blade will be pitching up when it travels over the tail boom?? I also heard putting in full left pedal after engine shutdown will help increase the drag on the tail rotor and help to slow the blades down, although this sounds like it could put alot of stress o
  2. I wanted to get your guys's experienced views on this, as i had a situation the other day which i thought would be a good discussion topic, and help with a relatively low timer like me. OK so i landed on a peak with a fairly strong wind and had to shut down. The tail was hanging off the back of the cliff, with the wind coming straight up the mountain and over the aircraft's nose. The aircraft ( 206 ) was sitting slightly nose up and while shutting down i got into thinking about excessive flapping and tail boom strike. Also because of the wind, the rotors kept on turning for ever ( No
  3. Models are looking Great!! Here is one of my little toys ive built: US Coast Guard Jayhawk: Will be nice to see a Video of your Jetbox flying!!!
  4. Cabair based in England do a **** of alot of banner towing over London. It might be worth dropping them an email!
  5. Great advice guys, Im going to make sure i try all the above and practice, practice, practice! Thanks.
  6. As there are many experianced longline guys out there, i was wondering if there are any tips and tricks you guys have found to make learning this art any easier. Im starting out on a 50ft with no load on the Jetbox and have had a little bit of instruction, but now its a case of go out and play. What would be the best things to start doing and in what order should things be tried and practised? Any help would be great, 206 :up:
  7. Hi All, Im after some advice as to custom moulded earplugs to be used under the helmet whilst flying. Ive tried the standard foam types but found them to be very uncomfortable. I know you can get custom moulded plugs for shooting etc and was wondering if any of you guys can reccomend their use and if so where did you purchase them from. Thanks in advance. 206 :up:
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