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  1. 18 months from the date of publication. Not 18 months from when standard comes into force. The January 31, 2019 is 18 months after the standard was published to the CARS (although hidden in the "standards not yet in force" section that no one had ever heard of before, but yes it was published there almost 18 months ago).
  2. Here is a copy paste of the new standard. "An air operator shall provide Crew Resource Management Training (CRM) to flight crew, flight attendants, dispatchers/flight followers, ground crew and maintenance personnel, as applicable, in accordance with paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subsection." Notice it never mentions "crew member", it only mentions "flight crew". Very big difference(See CARS Part I Subpart 1). AC 700-042 also mentions that the intent is for persons employed by the operator, so that rules out fire fighters falling under the "ground crew" requirement as well. Jus
  3. Mr. T! It's light, simple, and looks the best... very important since you have to stare at them all day.
  4. Holidays are over, on my way back to work this morning! Have fun and fly safe everybody
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