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  1. I'm just wondering what kind of Sockets other maintainers are using on these bolts.
  2. Hey Im Kris, Im a M1 licensed engineer working towards my M1/M2. Ive only ever worked on Rotary wing aircraft and I love my job.

  3. Kris

    369d T&b

    Hey, Im just curious if anyone out their has a PDF file or a weblink with information relating the Vibrex 2000 to the MD500 369D. Im mainly interested in the interrupter setup in relation to the tip targets. . . Its my first time. And im having a hard time finding a manual. I really enjoy this machine.
  4. Im an apprentice AME. and ive got to tell ya, some of the smartest engineers ive met are pilot AMEs Apprenticeing isnt so bad. Its alot of school and Work. But if your use to aviation it should be a breeze. Good luck.
  5. Hey Im a second year apprentice. I've been workin on light a/c since I started in this industry and im starting to get curiouse, whats it like when you move up to larger aircraft? I was told by some of the medium guys i work with that its alot more work but the pay is better, and what about heavy aicraft like a s92? which I have never seen up close yet. Does anyone have any experiance or stories they want to tell? what kind of machines do you prefer to work on? Im curiouse about pay scales as well. Do you make more working a base position on heavy choppers or out in the bush on lights?
  6. Other than VIH (cougar helicopters) and the Canadian Coast guard, are their any operations on the east coast?
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