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  1. You might find that you are too late for SAIT as the courses usually fill up by May. And re electrical training is much more advanced than the Heathkit era mentioned above.Also they have two Robbie's and Al just ran the first R66 type course
  2. A proper fitted respirator/mask is essential or you will end up looking and acting like some of the painters who used hang out around Jimmy the Greek's Bar in Calgary.
  3. The con's people can get caught up in making money and some end up letting things slide. My biggest issue is that the snags on a aircraft that has been operating great for the pilot when you asked him how things are going, suddenly has multiple problems that appear just before or shortly after a crew change. Or you arrive with a big box of parts that were ordered a week before the crew change. A con for the base guys is they end up fixing a machine for the field guy to take away and make flight pay on it. I worked up north for a large oil company and every one received northern allowance pay, there was no flight pay issue. Yet, at the end of a tour, the departing pilots would ALWAYS fill the logbook up with snags instead of reporting them all on a daily basis. This made the AMES look they were doing nothing to keep the machines flying and despite our complaining to the "grownups", the practise continued for the 6 years I was there. So flight pay isn't the only reason for "goin home day snags"
  4. Drinking and working on aircraft is certainly less prevelant than years ago. In the 70s and 80s It was normal to leave your job and go for a semi-liquid lunch at the Airliner then the Port O Call in YYC. The bar would be full of your fellow workers having a beer and burger. No one thought anything of it. There was notable exceptions, my boss for a few years, would leave the hangar at 10 - heading for the Port shaking like a 1/2 bladed helicopter. If we were lucky he stayed over there for a couple days. If not he would come back to work all pissed up and start growling at people. Sr. managment knew all about him but did nothing - no counseling - no firing.Didn't recall working veryoften with anyone that was drunk - did experience working with guys having some bad hangovers. there were a few pilots around who were notorious drunks even in the corporate and airline world. By the 90s there seemed to be a change in that fewer people were going to the Port (maybe somewhere else?) for a liquid lunch. Also the big, after-work "few drinks with the boys" seems to have lessened to just Friday nights, if at all. Perhaps my age group was the last of the era from a booze point of view. I did partake in some lunches over the years but found that the biggest problem I had was staying awake in the afternoon Drugs - never had anything to do with them anywhere but I know there have been some incidents in Calgary as some companies have drug-testing due to their customers being from the US
  5. Good luck Fred I will always remember the fun times in Ft Smith and YYC
  6. Doesn't look like a grounding just additional inspections and a new life limit on the blades due to cracks
  7. Just flew in a Harvard a couple days ago
  8. :punk: :punk: Good News From Ottawa - sounds like an Oxymoron anything good coming from Ottawa I know, but as of now,the designation ROYAL has been reinstated in our name and the Canadian Air Force is once again the RCAF Maybe not a big deal to some of you but to us that were there, great day and yes I know I posted in the wrong place
  9. I find it somewhat disturbing that some of the comments on here are so anti-police when even a picture brings up negative comments. Particularily quoting racist rap music to make some sort of anti-police statement.These seem to be the ones that are anti law enforcement no matter what and will search to find somethng negative in anything police related. 2 nights ago the Calgary Police Service in HAWC One flew a father from Calgary to Red Deer to be beside his dying 5 year old son - reaching the hospital a few moment before the drowning victim passed away. I am sure some of the commenters here will think of something negative to say about this.
  10. Incredible website Elvis, there is a ton of infomation laid out in a very understandable manner.
  11. This just dosen't happen only in the rotary world. An airline pilot for a Canadian company was fired not too long ago for falsifying his logbook. Last I heard he was also facing criminal charges
  12. Better than the R-Cumps paying you a visit
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