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  1. Hey guys, Could anyone point towards a degree that would work well with being a helicopter pilot (a company would see your degree as a plus)? I'm thinking Geography, or Geology. Any other recommendations?
  2. Hey, terrible sorry for hi-jacking the thread, but I would like to hear a few advices if the following can e done: Is it possible to finish a degree, while also working in the industry? I know most jobs, if hired, start in the spring (when school term ends), and they finish at fall (mostly), when school begins again? My question would be, should I concentrate finishing my degree first, and then try again my luck in this industry, or is it possible to do both? I have spent quite a bit of time and money and wouldn't want to just quit school. Your input is highly appreciated. And Daz, ke
  3. Hi, just wanted to know what would be the job market for a 500hr pilot. All hours mostly on piston. Thanks
  4. Flash


    Not sure if this is the correct section, maybe should've been in employment, maybe not. Anyway my question is, my medical is 1.5 old, so I still have 3.5 years for private right? Now, if I want to do an endorsement, and do some ferry flights (which I will not be paid, more like other way around), do I need to update again my medical or am I good to go on the private side? Thanks
  5. Yessss, I feel for you mate I was definetely happy to do my training with some one that has 15000 hours, but afterwards I found out I threw out a chance of getting 1000+ hrs in 2 years by doing training in US. Even now I highly regret for this and bang my head
  6. IF I do find a school willing to drop the CFI pay, what savings would I be looking at? Between 100-150$ / hr? (i'm guessing the machine is irrelevant being it a R22, R44 or B206?)
  7. Hi there, I understood that in US you can rent a helicopter and fly it, same with an airplane or a car. Therefore the cost of flying it being a lot lower than actually going to school. However I understood that Canada has no renting available for helicopters. There is for airplanes, but not for helicopters. Why is that? Or is my information wrong? Thanks
  8. Really sorry for whomever is involved in this crash and god may rest the victims in peace. I wonder how this will affect the minimums for low timers due to insurance.
  9. I concur. There are a lot of invaluable information to be found on here. I have even visited a company which I had no idea it existed, and even tho of course their requirements are not only 100 hrs it's good to have the knowledge in the future.
  10. Wow amazing. I made a lot of phone calls and did 3 road trips, yet I have never had an opportunity for a checkride. I guess i'm doing something terribly wrong in my approach Good luck mate.
  11. Especially with their nice shades
  12. If you can fly a 22 you can fly anything
  13. If meaning that with the zero (not really but meh) experience teaching you will easily get a job flying 1000hrs / year and then you can easily jump to air ambulance/rigs/SAR vs spending 3 years on the ground to "be assest and "learn" the ropes" with hardly any chance of having stick time, but all the chance to be used as cheap labor (exceptions apply of course) just to fly with somebody with alot of experience, then I would take the first. And don't say I am looking for the easy way, I am rather choosing what's more logical in succeeding as a pilot. Even tho theoretically it should be opp
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