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  1. ......my phone will not let me view it, will this work for a B3e? Thanks V
  2. Forgive me as I’m reading this last post from Freewheel (I haven’t read the entire thread) and coming in to this late, but in the Aeronautical Information Manual it quotes flight time to be logged in the journey log according to the chart attached. I’m confused on how the chart says from 0-2 minutes you don’t log anything and it doesn’t count as “loggable” time, apparently you don’t even make an entry according to this if your flight is less than 2 min. If I read your last post correctly, the A.I.M is wrong, as TC states that Flight Time is Rotor Start to Rotor Stop and Air Time is from when you lift off the Surface and ends when you land and Touch the surface again and come to a “rest”. Or some form of both definitions and whoever’s interpretation. So by either definition it is impossible to have this 0-2 minutes count as nothing. Although it is very rare to have a 0-2 min flight, it does happen. I apologize if this has already been addressed before in the thread, like I said, coming in to this late in conversation, just a question I have. Thanks!
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