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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any experience being part of an employee-owned aircraft? I remember GSH did it and I heard that the employees did well with it. In particular, I'm interested in understanding how this type of thing is structured and how does it works. How do the employees make money? Is it a percentage of revenue or just when the aircraft is sold? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Thanks!
  2. Time for some new winter flying gear and looking for suggestions. What keeps you warm but is comfortable and allows for good movement in different helicopter types (206, 350, 205)? What other considerations affect your choice of winter gear?
  3. I had planned to take this summer off and work on a side-project but I just can't seem to stay away. You guys know of anybody looking for a low-maintenance, high-time medium driver (212/205)?
  4. Check out FlightOffice. Great automated FTD tracker and alerting system with a mobile app as well. If all you need is the FTD module you can just subscribe to that. https://flightoffice.com
  5. Key in this tough market is having the right toolkit that employers are looking for. You have the hours but not the right experience for what many employers are looking for but it's not hopeless. Your resume should focus on the job you are applying for. If you're looking for a VFR job flying a 206 then highlight the skills and traits that make you a good candidate for that position and leave the IFR almost as if it's irrelevant. Conversely, if you're applying for an FO IFR position then focus on those skills and traits. So you really have two different resumes and two different approaches
  6. Is there a Canadian dealer or is http://www.helicopterhelmet.com/the best option?
  7. Ya. I'd love to hear more since it must be pretty bad if all management quit. Would be nice to hear what drove it.
  8. Just saw they are looking for a new Chief Pilot and a new Ops Manager. Didn't they already go through a few of those over the past few years? Any idea why they are having such a hard time keeping managers?
  9. Ya, I was thinking the second visor would be good for heli-ski flat light days. But I guess I could always just get a pair of yellow glasses or something.
  10. Thanks guys. Bif: I used to have an older Gentex and I wouldn't go back to that, but the new ones seem quite nice. Are you referring to the 56/p? Change1211: Do you longline in the ASTAR? Do you have any problems with that? Darren: Thanks. That's very helpful.
  11. Buying a new helmet and need some advice. I have a small head so probably can go with the small Gallet shell. I'm looking for dual visor and something that won't cause me problems longlining in an Astar. Also, anyone have any problems with the CEP kits? Looking to hear from people with either of these two helmets so that I can make a final decision. Thanks.
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