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  1. Sidewall, I know what you are saying and there could be some truth in it but the only one who can tell us isnt here I do know that JoJo got a txt from Morgie not that long before the 22 went down. The problem with bloody R22s is that if something does go wrong, ie: engine failure you have less than the time to say "what the farq" and you are history. Now if Morgie was texting, and I say if, at the time the engine #### itself, then that would have reduced the reaction time, and the rest is well - irrelevant. I do know that he was at around 500ft when he was over that part of t
  2. Mark, Dont sweat it, the problem with main stream media is that they never give you the real facts, they will give assertions, assumptions, ideas and "their version of the facts" but in reality this usually never has any sort of remote link to the real truth of what happened. Ned
  3. I knew Morgie and yes he had been texting not long before but you will find there is much more to this accident. They will be recovering the engine from the 22 soon from the bottom of Lake Wanaka.
  4. You will find that those instructions from Bristow Australia were actually a directive from the Bristow/Air Log Group so before you continue to attack Kiwis and Aussies just remember that Bristow/Air Log is a UNITED STATES based company so blame your friends south of the border for that one.
  5. Zico - Yes but the video clip is shot at Sion. I spent some time staying with a friend of mine, Patrick Fauchere who flies for Air Glaciers so I know the place well. Had a great time out spraying with the guys and also up in the mountains with the Lama and the B3. Ned
  6. The Lama is one of Air Glaciers machines and am pretty sure its their Chief PIlot flying it. The airfield they are flying from is Sion in Switzerland and is Air Glaciers base.
  7. Morning All, Just a quick Downunder greeting wishing you all a Merry Xmas from here on Xmas Day. http://www.kevinbloodywilson.com/site/animations/xmas.htm Ned
  8. The flights that I went on up there in the Aussie Chinokos we always had an Apache and a Blackhawk with us. Ned
  9. Found this and you cant help but wonder on what captions you guys will come up with
  10. Couple of questions for you guys. 1. What do you think the percentages would be ie: Canadians vs foreigners in the Canadian helicopter industry. 2. When someone from overseas applies through your immigration dept to go and work there they obviously have to prove somehow that there is a need for skilled labour from outside Canada based on the industry at the time that they apply. Now, if economic conditions change, as they have done lately, does that mean that their permission to work and live in Canada is revoked or is is just overlooked. Just curious. Ned
  11. We did an article in HeliTac some time ago which outlines the problem perfectly. Unfortunately for the US military there are a number of different arms when it comes to a project. The guys in the beginning who make the original specs for the program usually do so without any input from the end users, ie: the guys on the front line who operate the type. They write up the contract based on Helicopter A which has this performance, at this price and due on this date, such as the ARH and Bell. Then once the contract has been signed it moves over to the program office, another whole set
  12. OLD Astar - If you are working on the same job as the Kmax you could always duck across and say hi to the pilot and ask him
  13. Simplex make a water cannon that they are showing off at Helitech in Portugal at the moment.
  14. Didnt the G2 have the tank going across ways behind the cabin or was that the 47D. Ned P.S. Mine should read G5
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