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  1. CARs is your best place to find out what type of Licence you can apply for based on your experience. You can have ten log books as long as all your experience is documented this is what matters. If you have enough tasks for M2 you can get an M2 and if you complete the appropriate amount for M1 you can apply for this as well.
  2. I recognize the parts but can not remember if it is early ECL or Dart. Try Peter Swinnard the West Coast rep for Airbus. He can probably help you out.
  3. Consolidation, so there will only be one, rumour has it.
  4. Well Said Corey, he will be missed for sure. RIP Blackie.
  5. Hello, Is this Richard Thompson? how ya going?

  6. I saw this video a while ago, takes all kinds to keep us in our technology. I had to stop the video a few times and come back to it.
  7. It was a sad day last year to hear that news. I have good memories of Tim and Matt. Always a story to tell the both of them. They will be missed.
  8. ( Holders of either an M1 or M2 rated AME licence also have maintenance release privileges for all: (amended 2003/09/01; no previous version) (i) turbine powered helicopters; and taken right out of 566.03 not sure how much clearer that it can be read
  9. As has been stated in the thread previously, it would seem that some individuals at Transport do not even know how to interpret there own rules and regulations. I am in the process of getting my M2 done as a few employers require it. why is there such a discrepancy even between regions of the governing body. Does not really make one confident in how we are being watched and regulated. too funny.
  10. check out the Veto Pro Packs. they are light and easily carried. they have stood up to the airlines as well. Nothern Metallic carries them as well as house of tools. much lighter than the pelican case. they come with pockets and places to put tools.
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