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  1. hey helilog did somebody did somebody say sh*t that u start talking and AR what does AR stand for an#l retentive? u don`t like another opinon and we just slig crap and trash??
  2. not to worry ar i left this industry long time ago once in a while i have a week moment i read the bs on here to remind myself why i left....thanks for reminding me....
  3. ignorance is a bliss u dad builds furniture going to calgary??? hahaha u need to think about that one.....
  4. bc a country of pine beetle cut blocks and potheads.......learn how to build a chair and sell a chair to the us not the raw logs....but that would involve work....laugh at alberta at least everbody gets up inj the morning and goes to work....
  5. that junk does not run without oil for 45 minutes....
  6. never fly the A model of anything......
  7. nothing wrong with the flying.... why are u guys like a bunch of women? u guys must be bored go wash ur helicopter or clean ur hanger with ur toothbrush to keep busy
  8. i wounder where ur gross weight is that u need to unload the tail rotor...
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