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  1. Thanks for the help! I have been reading over the MD-600 or 900 for our operations.
  2. Jay Flight> Thanks for that pic. Is it an older MD-500? That is just the setting I would love to be in now, instead of waiting for this next snow storm. The S058T, is nice, interesting lines, and you can do a lot with it, but her upkeep must be more. I do like the older birds
  3. R22 is that as S-55 or S58 I ask about the water ops to be able to land on water that may not have the beach available. If that is the case can normal skids be in the water for any length of time?
  4. Thanks all! I know I am reaching, but I do like the idea of landing on water. So if operating in Bush say Northern & Wastern Maine need a 300nm range and at least seat 6
  5. I am thinking of adventure or exploration. Anything that takes you away from proper opterations or landing. With warming temps and growing eco-torissum. Yes, I have been thinking of better fishing, able to drop in on lake, open door and cast a line If not a boat hull, why not floats? To me this market could be expored more. Why should float plane or seaplanes have all the fun
  6. Hello All! I am new to this forum and would like to ask you about Amphibians I know the S-61, one I like, and Mil 14, but why not any new builds? To me the market is still there and new matierials make it competative. What are your thoughts
  7. Hello All! Am new to this forum, and it seems very interesting! As for me, am in MAINE, USA, but would love to see more EC 225, or the AS 330L2, but I think they are realy mostly the same bird Truely would love to see a new Amphibian design
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