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  1. I'm curious? What company are still doing seismic either in Canada or the States or anywhere in the world now? With the covid and travel restriction.
  2. I'm trying to send a PM to Harmonic_Vib and it gives me an error message. Can't send the message it says. How can I reach you?
  3. Hello everybody. Is there anyone out there that are doing long line with an AC-135? Are you using a floor window, a bubble window, or flying whitout door? Any tips on doing long line with that machine? Thanks.
  4. If somebody has name of the crew, pm me please. I worked there for 10 years, so I know a few guys . Thanks. OLD_Astar
  5. L3driver, I've been in this business for almost 30 years, and I'm still trying to find a way to keep my feet warm! The rest of my body! Never a problem. But my feet,always cold.I tried about every type of boots. No luck! I'm with you L3, we need help from everybody on this forum. How can we keep our feet warm. Please. OLD_Astar.
  6. R22Captain, The dancing man under your name doesn't fit with the sad news that you post. OLD_Astar
  7. I know the story 'cause I saw the engineer doing it! I was sitting in the hangar on the other side of the ramp, and wondering what was leaking from that machine. I was just about to walk there to see for myself, when he did it.Good thing he was there first.LOL OLD_Astar
  8. I'm flying on a job that is using a K-MAX as well.I hear all kind of numbers for that machine. 6000 pounds on the hook easy,or others are saying 5000 pounds. Who's right? Is it that good of a lifter? Anybody on the forum flying them? I'd like to have "info"!! OLD_Astar
  9. Yes,I think that's the way to do it. But still, who as the right to tell me how to live my life? ( Right, my wife!! ) If somebody show up for work drunk, good, fire him. But a beer or 2 or a glass of wine with your meal? What's the big deal. Anyway,maybe I will do like Elvis suggest. Tell my ops manager to find somebody else for the job. Good night you all! OLD_Astar
  10. Hello everybody, I was told today that my next tour will be in a camp. A dry camp!! What are you guys and girls do about that. I think I'm old enough to have a beer before supper,or a glass of wine with my meal after a hard day of work!! Don't you think we earned it?? Anything legal behind that? I don't know. But it s....! Cheers,OLD_Astar
  11. Hello everybody, I heard from my client that a helicopter moving drills for them (seismic company) went down yesterday in Wyoming. Probably a 205 or 212. Anybody knows anything about that? Thanks, OLD_Astar.
  12. Thank you Over-Talk, Yes it does help me but you are right it looks really complicated. And the name "expat" was not really for that kind of visa. My bad!! I would be living in Canada and working tours in U.S. So, bottom line is, any advantage ( with taxes !) of working in the U.S. and living in Canada. Anybody with input on that feel free to share with me and us!! Thanks,OLD_Astar. :punk:
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