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  1. Hey 206Rookie, They say the simple ideas are usually the best! I really like the key chain idea, it's simple to make, easy to use, reattachable in flight and would allow for rotation of the arm. Here's a pic of my arm and grab that I'm flying with at the moment albeit taped closed for extra safety. The carbon sleeve has a alloy end with a female threaded insert, so the shaft with the ball and plunger could screw into the end. In the picture the cable is used to close the grab, it's body powered and is attached to webbing around my left sholder like a pistol holster. We could maybe design i
  2. Guy's what are your thoughts on this, guy's with prosthetic arms use this addaption to ride motorbikes? Here's the link with more details http://www.mertlawwill.com/prosthetic/Laww...rostheticFS.htm It would allow for rotation and body movement like when you've got a line on and your head out the door, and should be able to be re attached in flight the designer tells me. My office is starting to look like a preschool with everones ideas and sketches taped to the wall. I'm like a pig in mud! Cheers
  3. Sorry about the delay in replying to all the posts but have been out in the field on a break down Thanks to all the forum readers who have posted on this thread, sorry I'm not able to respond to all the posts individually but would like to thank everyone for their input, I'm blown away by the responce, please keep the ideas coming, I'll write an article for vertical once I've got my medical back to let you guys know I got there!
  4. 206Rookie, Great idea, definitely think this idea is heading in the right direction, will try and make a rough prototype, think it might work best turning the recepticle 90 degrees so the connection is in a direct line with the arm, what do you think? mate I'm blown way by your effort I owe you a beer sometime.
  5. Transquebecniece, mate you're a legand, listed the orginal thread like you suggested and getting some ggod ideas
  6. Thanks for the support Mike, The bike shoe clip could hold possiblities, I'll have a look at them this weekend and let you guy's know. I'm Chief Engineer for a company so there's no problem modifying one or two of the machines with a plug to install a collective mod to when I want to fly. Will probably mod one of the Ag machines, would like to keep my hand in (excuse the pun) at spraying and bucket work and no passengers to scare! Been thinking about magnets as an option, maybe a tube magnet clipped to the cyclic and a vertical ferrous rod connected to the carbon fibre sleeve that you slid
  7. Thanks Skullcap for the suggestion, have thought about the velcro idea, problem is I have to be able to demonstrate reconnecting the device is flight in the event it comes apart from the cyclic, hard enough on a coventional control like the 206, nearly impossible with Frank's T-Bar. As for the radio and intercom, you can get STC collective ends with additional switches which I'll mod the cyclic switches to. Keep the idea'a coming
  8. Thanks Skidz, I've been working closely with the prosthetic guy's for a few years now, they've be realy great, but these guy's specailise in making the carbon sleeve and attaching off the shelf terminal devices where I come from. Good start though, maybe I could talk to some biomechanical university grads. Thanks for the support ame206350
  9. Hi guy’s, Time to put your thinking caps on! I’m looking for a solution to connect my wrist to the cyclic grip. A bit of history first so you know where I’m coming from. I’m a Commercial Helicopter Pilot with an Instructors rating and a Licensed Aircraft Engineer. I have about 2000 hours made up of all the normal stuff. I lost my right hand in an explosion in 02 at the wrist. So the problem is; I’m trying to come up with a method of attaching my right wrist to the cyclic that will stratify the regulatory authority i.e big brother! so I can get my medical back. What I’ve tried so
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