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  1. Boom

    Daily Rate

    Do you know if these numbers are full time employees or for contractors?
  2. Boom

    Daily Rate

    I would be curious to know what 61 engineers are making for day rate and flight pay these days... Logging seems to be doing well for now.
  3. Boom

    Daily Rate

    Is that day rate Contractor or Employee? Flight pay seems a little on the low side, was thinking should be closer to $70.
  4. What is everyones opinion on the current state of things? Are things worse than pre 2008, about the same, or better? Would be interesting to here, I'm sure it depends what industry your company is most relient on.
  5. Most Heavy engineers I've met use those David Clark helmets, very simple design but comfortable for the amount of flying they do. Probably nice to have on a gravel service landing to if under a kamov or crane... some guys even had visor for them to protect their face.
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