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  1. Yeah except the smoking on shutdown thing she's a beaut.
  2. From what I've been told by a fellow I work with, the aussies do not recognize the Canadian license. This guy got a New Zealand license as they recognize the canadian license. He went and wrote the air regs in New Zealand. And since the Australians recognize the New Zealand license he than wrote the Australian Air Regs and went in the backdoor kind of. All this is second hand information gained through casual conversation around the coffee table. I could be way off base though.
  3. Never used rads, only vibrex 8500. Only time I've ever seen the changes make the ride worse the console vertical accelorometer was mounted upside down. And as far as nomalizing the pitch links, we also nomalize the trim tabs to the settings at the blade root. This seems to speed up the process. But I agree the 407 rotor system is ridiculously sensitive and a pain in the *** compared to the 206. from my experience getting the blades in good track, less than a 10mm spread is fairly important before you go for 60 knots. The 8500 seems to work pretty good form my experience, only time the
  4. CMH lodge for sure, screw the fishing pole what about the stripper pole at the helishack to keep you busy at night. Gotta love those lodge girls. Not to mention the free heliskiing, fine dining and staff pricing on the booze, and oh yeah the tips.
  5. When I was on my type course the instructor said you can buy Panasonic toughbook laptops with serial ports, that's what they recommed
  6. E & B helicopters has an STC'd audible warning for the 407. From our machines though I would feel sorry for the pilot listening to that thing all day when your at altitude in the summer.
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