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  1. How about a on stage shower to go with those poles and trapeze... A big enough main hanger door to not have to worry about hanger rash!! Would be a good start.
  2. I highly recommend training with Bob Reimer at Coast Helicopter Collage.If you want to do lots of full on auto's to landing with R22 or 206 with great variety of terrain for confines.Bob knows everything and anything about helicopters or operational flying and he will pass as much of this knowledge on to you as you can take in.I know Bob's reputation for training plus my good attitude and personality are the big reasons for me getting my first job.
  3. Coast Heli-Collage is a good school/enviorment/instructors.I went there last summer started end July finished and home for thanksgiving.Bob Reimer is a excellent instructor and spends alot of time with confines and logging heli pads that are all over the area,you could spend an hr flight doing confines on the rock bluffs and never leave outer tower control.The coastal area has lots to offer for training areas and variaties from sea level to 6000 peaks,all with a chance to fly them in marginal weather.Overall I highly recomend the school ,go talk to Bob and see if he can fit you in (at least 1
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