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  1. That made me laugh! "....the fact that you are a highly skilled famous Canadian pilot that is not getting compensated enough IS your concern..."
  2. 5000 dollar sign on bonus says a lot. Having a little trouble attracting people? HUGE turn over for a reason. the Duke
  3. What kind of machine are you flying to be worried about hammering a person with downwash at 150' with ear destroying sound? the Duke
  4. I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but I will. People who's priority is to stuff their own pockets above everything else. Sentencing should be carried out by the Chinese government. the Duke
  5. When I voted, it wasn't for the local guy, it was for Harper.
  6. It doesn't specify suitable lubricants???
  7. What does the Maintenance Manual say or recommend? the Duke
  8. Hair gel and prophylaptics. I ran out of those on a tour once and that sucked. the Duke
  9. P5, I support what you are doing toward the OMNR. Makes people accountable for their actions. the Duke
  10. Who is the best forestry service to work for? the Duke
  11. You're welcome. :up: Thanks for hangin' in. the Duke
  12. Its like saying "Sex with a condom has too many risks, best to not do it all together." Try getting the pilots on that bandwagon, ain't gonna happen. the Duke
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