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  1. That made me laugh! "....the fact that you are a highly skilled famous Canadian pilot that is not getting compensated enough IS your concern..."
  2. 5000 dollar sign on bonus says a lot. Having a little trouble attracting people? HUGE turn over for a reason. the Duke
  3. What kind of machine are you flying to be worried about hammering a person with downwash at 150' with ear destroying sound? the Duke
  4. I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but I will. People who's priority is to stuff their own pockets above everything else. Sentencing should be carried out by the Chinese government. the Duke
  5. Especially if it was my dog, she's awesome! the Duke
  6. When I voted, it wasn't for the local guy, it was for Harper.
  7. It doesn't specify suitable lubricants???
  8. What does the Maintenance Manual say or recommend? the Duke
  9. Hair gel and prophylaptics. I ran out of those on a tour once and that sucked. the Duke
  10. P5, I support what you are doing toward the OMNR. Makes people accountable for their actions. the Duke
  11. Who is the best forestry service to work for? the Duke
  12. You're welcome. :up: Thanks for hangin' in. the Duke
  13. Its like saying "Sex with a condom has too many risks, best to not do it all together." Try getting the pilots on that bandwagon, ain't gonna happen. the Duke
  14. Been there, done that and never again.
  15. Interesting thing about the above CADOR. The pilot added power, but the rotation increased. As it should to the left in an Astar...
  16. Record #1 Cadors Number: 2011C1608 Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern Occurrence Information Occurrence Type: Accident Occurrence Date: 2011-05-16 Occurrence Time: 1930 Z Day Or Night: day-time Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 1 Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYLJ Aerodrome Name: Meadow Lake Occurrence Location: 8 NM E of Meadow Lake (CYLJ) Province: Saskatchewan Country: CANADA World Area: North America Reported By: TSB Winnipeg AOR Number: TSB Class Of Investigation: 5 TSB Occurrence No: A11C0076 Aircraft Information Flight #: Aircraft Category: Helicopter Country of Registration: CANADA Make: AEROSPATIALE Model: AS 350BA Year Built: 1980 Amateur Built: No Engine Make: TURBOMECA Engine Model: ARRIEL 1B Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land Phase of Flight: Cruise Damage: Substantial Owner: DELTA HELICOPTERS LTD. Operator: DELTA HELICOPTERS LTD. (1017) Operator Type: Commercial Event Information Collision with terrain ELT/SAR/comm search Loss of control - inflight Propeller/rotor strike Detail Information User Name: Ridley, Rod Date: 2011-05-18 Further Action Required: No O.P.I.: System Safety Narrative: The Delta Helicopters Aerospatiale AS350 BA, C-GVXA, was bucketing water in support of fire fighting operations near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. The winds were gusting out the SSE at 20 to 30 knots. The pilot was flying slowly just above tree top level in order to dump a load of water on a fire break area, when the nose of the helicopter suddenly swung to the left. The pilot added power, but the rotation increased. The pilot reduced power and lowered the collective. The helicopter entered the trees and came to rest on its right side with the tail boom separated from the helicopter. The pilot was transported to the Meadow Lake hospital and kept overnight for observation. RCC Trenton received an ELT from the helicopter.
  17. Was someone sleeping at the switch regarding the Slave fire? Its not a remote town, no pun intended. To lose a town with a fire base....
  18. Here's a great example of why these threads fail so frequently. Really great to read some negative comments but how do you know they are correct? They could easily be uninformed, third-hand opinion, rumour or deliberate sour grapes. I think this is the very problem that got the previous thread cancelled. Having been to an operator of ill-repute, witnessed it, left it and found out after the fact the abundance of people with the same opinion and view... I could have avoid that situation all together. There is some truth in a lot of negative comments, so they have value. After reading these threads, I have come up with a short list of operators that will never see my resume. For that I am thankful to VM and all the "negative" posters. I am happily employed. the Duke
  19. I wish I had been able to read some negative comments about a company that I had previously worked for, could have saved myself the grief. I also bailed on another company, because of the poor management and treatment of personnel. Those people who stayed, boasting about hunkering down for the looming recession went down with that sinking ship. Maybe if somebody had put the writing on the wall for them, they would have been better off. Someone's opinion is exactly that, an opinion. You might be able to find some truth in it though.... the Duke
  20. Mostly the government ads disclose the payscale, but a couple of smaller operators are advertising theirs. Are people securing jobs with good income out there? I got payscale quotes from some AB and BC operators, seemed very low for possibly seasonal work. the Duke
  21. I thought you banned yourself??? You would miss VM too much. the Duke
  22. Interesting thing about a couple of recent ads from the same operator... One for engineers where relocation is important and one for pilots not requiring relocation. the Duke
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