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  1. This is a great discussion, but I think it would be more useful on the Military forum so that it at least has some connection to it's topic......(or maybe on a 9-11 Conspiracy website).
  2. This is a funny industry. On one side we have huge lay-offs and closures....and on the other side we are told to run away from those that remain. What's a guy to do?? I don't know the answer, (and fortunately my employer doesn't fall into either of these groups) but it is always interesting to read this stuff. Does the secret to most Operator's survival lie in treating their staff like shxt? I hope not.
  3. Skidz, thank you for once again scouring the CADORS reports just so that you can spread the news of other people's misfortune. However, unless there is some rare nugget of information in these brief preliminary reports that we could all benefit from, maybe it would be better if these reports were left where they belong until a full report is prepared. Thanks.
  4. Imagine flying only 7 or 8 hours per day, with a maximum of 36 hours in 6 days...and 2 days off in every 14. Presently that is how it is in the US. Now, I do NOT support all of the new Canadian regulations, or even those in the US...however we must all realise (crews, owners AND customers) that the rules will be getting tighter. Petitions like this will probably (hopefully) ease the change....but the change IS coming.
  5. I love that part about the oxygen tank...... "We would just vaporize. The plane would just explode." Maybe the flare was fired by a local commercial operator that was pxssed-off about this guy ' donating' flights. So much of our industry floats between tragically sad and ridiculously funny.
  6. Crass??? Ha ha. Considering who who wrote the question, that's about as good as you'll get from him. At least he spelt long dog correctly....that must be because of all his university edumication!!!
  7. That sounds better than.... " Blimey! I'm all outta fags....can I bum one off ya'?".
  8. We would love to have a teenager help us in Alberta this summer. Because of the nature of our crazy industry, the guy/girl is required to have 1). No hesitation to get dirty, 2). Ability to keep a good attitude and a smile while working long and irregular hours, 3). An Australian Passport. (chuckle, chuckle)
  9. Jim, just in case you are doing this only for the membership card...you can also get one by joining the Communist Party of Canada, or the BC Pekingese and Shih-tzu Dog Owners Club. Oh my Gawd, choices, choices.
  10. No-one at the controls!! Cool. We've been having those sort of flights for years in Canada, and now other countries are copying us by building Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones....(though they seem to have demonstrated better control and a lower accident rate than us). The good news is that having no-one at the controls means that some Aussie hasn't stolen your job, and as in this case, nobody gets hurt. Now if we can just get our helicopters to fly a little more reliably and then return when they need fuel, the pilot will already be there waiting at the pump....with his hose in his h
  11. I was visiting a helicopter hangar recently and saw one engineer taking off an engine cowling, and a few minutes later another engineer put it back on. So I asked what they were doing. They replied, "We're a union shop, and it's my job to take the cowling off, and Bob's job to adjust the fuel control, and then Steve's job to put the cowling back on....but Bobs off work sick today".
  12. Skidz,please stay on topic!! This thread is titled Skyline Rumours. By posting links to actual facts from the party concerned, you have devalued several pages of gossip, speculation and conjecture. Without that, we don't have much left!! Next rumour please. He He.
  13. Progressives are not great for vertical reference, or work that requires a lot of peripheral vision i.e. heli-skiing. How bad is your reading vision? Can you still read the instruments, but have a little trouble with a VNC chart ? Maybe you could try contact lenses. Yes, they are difficult at first....but so were glasses when I first tried them......welcome to the golden years. (Remember some guys have had poor vision since they were little kids. You are lucky). I use contacts (without any reading correction) and still pass the MOT and FAA medicals. Just don't hold the fine-print test
  14. I suggest the 2 inch high cushion. Measure the seat you are going to use it on for size. You don't want it too wide or long. I think mine is 15" x 15". I love Roho. I have used them for 10 years now. Worth every penny. As 407D said.....mention the back pain to your doctor, and he will write you a prescription that will qualify you for a claim on extended medical, if you have it.
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