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  1. I didn't say I wanted a stay at home $100,000 a year job. I said I'd rather a stay at home job for $50,000 than take a job that pays $100,000 and puts you in somewhere it's -40. And I want a job where screw ups are not tolerated. I'm tired of doing top quality work, when the guy beside me does terrible work and gets paid more because he gets it done faster. A friend of mine, who is an AME aswell as a pilot, knew I was looking for a new career. He knows me very well, and knows I'm picky. I can't just say "good enough" I need perfection. That's why he pointed me in this direction. I think AMEs are a different type of people. Sure some just work for a huge company like Air Canada, and get paid to sit on their *****, and are lazy. But the ones working for smaller companies, are very smart, maticulous, and have a real passion for their jobs and aircraft. I think I might be one of those people. Not that I have a huge interest in aircraft, but I have a huge interest in how things work, and doing good work. Again, thanks for any input! Even negative input is good, because I need to know what I am up against.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. I've learned a lot already. It sounds to me like this trade is like many others. If you are willing to bust your ***, and work in poor conditions you can make some good money, otherwise, you get paid ok. You can make $100,000 a year if you want to spend 8 months a year in the bush where it's -40 and you sleep in a tent. Just like you can work pouring concrete in the snow at -5, busting you *** and make $100,000. Here's the thing, I'm not greedy. I'd like to get paid well for being good at what I do. I have no interest flying to peace river, when it's -40 and working on a machine, even for $100,000. I want to work 40 hours a week, driving distance from my house, in a dry hanger. I'd like to make $50-$60,000 a year. I'd like to be respected, knowing I am good at what I do. I need to get out of the trade I'm in right now, and here's why. ICBC pays flat rate. That means I get paid X amount of time to paint a car. ICBC also refuses to pay proper times to do so. Everywhere in North America would pay, say 3 hours to paint a fender. ICBC only pays 2 hours. So I only get paid 66% of what I should. Most painters cut corners to make the 33% back, but I can't. I have pride. I want it done once and done right. I like to feel confident that what I do is of the highest quality and my work will stand up. The problem is, people like me go broke on flat rate. You get paid less money to do a better job. Hacks make all the money. That's why I was thinking about something like turbine engine overhauling or something like that. I'm guessing people that make sure everything is done right the first time and can stand behind their work are rewarded in the aviation trade? So the question is, can I make $25-35 an hour (after I'm trained to do what I do) in a hanger, working 40 hours a week? I want my job to be a challenge. I want to be good at what I do, and I want to be able to like what I do. Most of all, I want to take pride in my work.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in starting a new trade and a friend of mine (a pilot) said I might do well in the helicopter maintenance field. I'm currently a ticketed automotive refinisher, but I'm unhappy with a lot of things in that trade. I need a new start. I am very meticulous. I take my time and do things right. I'm picky. I have a lot of patients to make sure everything is done the way it is supposed to be done. I am also mechanically inclined and have a good understanding of how things work. With that being said, does it sound like helicopter maintenance might be the right thing for me? My friend recomended turbine engine overhauling, or component overhauling. He thinks I would do well at those. What steps should I take to find employment? Is it easy to find a job without having any schooling? I'd like to try my hand at it before spending a lot of time and money on schooling. Don't get me wrong, if I see there is a definite future in it, I would do any schooling necessary. Anyhow, any info on who to talk to, steps to take, or things to consider would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this. P.S. I'm in the Abbotsford BC area, so any info on local companies would be great.
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