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  1. Hi folks Would anyone have a 204 manual in PDF format... A B model dash-10 would work...Thanks.. HTP
  2. Thanks for the replies and PM's guys. I appreciate it...We just hit a busy patch and no time to respond, but will as soon as we get a break...Thanks again...HTP
  3. ................................................................. Hi Stab bar.... It more or less drifted into a 205A++ discussion now....No 205B's available, or likely to be so as you rightly say..... 210 production has stopped either permanently or for the foreseeable future depending on who you talk to? Bell say stopped, finished, forget it, move on!... Others say it's only until the 412 sales decline and the 210 will do a phoenix thereafter... mediums have become the ' must have' machine again, and the prices are insane for the odd machines that are available from time to time. A Super 204B would work great also (we're 100% external load operators) but same same there! Anyway, thanks for the input and if you stumble on a genuine 205A++/204SuperB.... you know who to contact :bye: Fly safe......HTP
  4. Thanks twinstar !.....
  5. sorry for the multiple post, I´ll fix it later, out of time gotta fly...sorry again
  6. QUOTE (Jet B @ Feb 29 2008, 10:14 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you mean the WAT chart, then I was under the impression that it doesn't really apply to releaseable external loads. If you mean the OGE performance charts then I'm not sure since I don't have a book in front of me. If you are talking about practical on the job experience, then I can tell you a 205A1++ will walk away with full gross weight easily at that altitude and temperature. We did 3000lb rigs and 1000lbs of fuel all day long at hotter higher altitudes with no problem. If this wasn't any help, sorry. Thanks JetB..... Yes your right that the WAT chart's not applicable, it's for IGE conditions but the practical advice is appreciated. I don't know if your still flying the machine but if you are and could scan the OGE hover chart at TKOF power and email it to me I'd appreciate it greatly. We are thinking of upgrading a 205A1 and need the figures to sell/justify to the bean counters thanks...HTP
  7. Hi Would anyone have 205B performance charts available who could look up 3000' ISA plus 15 for a max hook weight. (150' line) Or who could send me the relevant paper and I´ll run it myself... Thanks....HTP
  8. Does anyone have an image of an Astar in rescue Orange...Just want to see what it would look like?..Thanks...HTP
  9. Rigidhead... Thanks very much. Just what I needed. All the best....HTP
  10. Thanks Guys...I sent an email to EC CA but no reply yet?. trying to get anything from EC EU is a waste of time...Be safe...HTP
  11. Hi Could anyone advise if the high visibility door/window (pilot door) is stc'd for EASA/JAR ops, and if so where is it available?...The single panel tranparency is the one I'm looking for... Thanks for any help on this....HTP
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